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Love So Life Chapters 51-60

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Year: 2008 – 2015
Author + Artist: Kaede Kochi
Version: XscansX (English scanlation)
Love So Life Online: Wikipedia, MyAnimeList, MangaFox, Kissmanga
Genre: Shōjo, Slice of Life, Romance, Drama

Sorry for delaying this post for a day. Unfortunately, I was feeling a little under the weather and was only able to get out a chapter of my serial yesterday. I will endeavour to stay ahead in future.
This week I look at chapters 51 to 60 of Love So Life. These chapters also bring us into the second half of the completed series. I am somewhat happy to say that this series continues to be a joy to read.

Chapters 51-60 sees Shiharu finally acknowledge that she is in love with Seiji and confiding in her friend Rio. Seiji is now seriously considering pursuing a relationship with Shiharu given the persistent pep-talks of Kinobu. And in the last few chapters, we see some flashbacks relating to Seiji and his brother’s relationship on top further explaining the events of Aoi and Akane’s mother’s death.

After nearly thirty chapters of waiting, this week’s reading finally led to our inexperienced heroine realising what those odd sensations that she’d been feeling around Seiji are. This was a long time coming, but it was a relief as a reader. However, we have a long way to go before it seems that either of our leading characters will actually pursue each other in a meaningful way given their own self-imposed rules of conduct and hang-ups.
To the other characters, Takeru is still a hoot to watch, Rio is awesome as well and Kinobu is still doing a good job of trying to prompt Seiji to address his feelings for Shiharu. Nao still irks me but at least understands his similarities to the girl stalking him. As for the twins, they are still freaking ADORABLE.
Love So Life continues to do flashbacks right in these ten chapters. As with previous chapters, flashbacks are used to build upon what we already know about Seiji as well as put into perspective how much life has changed for Seiji and the twins since Shiharu came into their lives. It also reinforces Seiji longs for the family life that he was missing during his own loveless upbringing.

In conclusion, these ten chapters continued to build upon the main characters brick by brick. For me, it felt meaningful and beautifully executed. As we move ever closer to the end of this series, I can only wonder what other hurdles that our hero and heroine will have to face besides the ones already in play – themselves.


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