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World of Keiko 02/06/2017

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Another week has passed and it was a productive one at that. It is a rarity, but it does happen on occasion. That being said, I wasn’t able to review an anime series for a second week in a row, but I did make minor headway with the series that I am currently watching.

First up, I managed to introduce the main story arc for my serial A Small Town. I’d known since writing the first chapter what the main foe would be, but I was getting quite anxious in the lead-up to the appearance of our nasty monster. Now comes the challenge of bringing all of those clues together so that our heroes can end that sucker. Alas, this is made more difficult by our amnesiac Moon Dog, Egg. Okay, you are probably wondering why I added Egg in the first place.
When I started writing the first chapter, I only knew that the first scene would be about a mother and son moving. Then, weird stuff started happening and it transformed into an odd rural-themed Urban Fantasy thing. Given that I am not a true Pantser, I started making some very sketchy notes to plan it out, in the form of chapter headings with a very distinct flavour. This is by no means the most efficient method, but I often feel too bogged down by blow-for-blow outlines. A character outline tends to be a lot more useful to me.
You are likely reading this section wondering what the hell is up. A lot of writers do indeed see themselves as either a Planner or Pantser. For me, the Planner model fails in that it is too restrictive and I find myself taking more time planning out a scene than writing the blasted thing. The Pantser model also fails because there is not enough structure. In the end, you have to do what works for you, and I do believe that I may have found the model that currently works for me.
That being said, I wasn’t able to get out a chapter of the serial today because I didn’t feel very well today. I will try to get one out tomorrow instead, on top of my manga review. It is going to be one busy day, but I think that I am up to the challenge. Let’s hope that the chapters that I post from now on will get better rather than worse. I really want the quality of my writing to improve as a matter of pride, but I realise that this will take some time.

Second, hubby surprised me last night by spontaneously deciding to clean and reorganise the lounge room. Apart from not moving the exercise into the room yet, we are now set up with my old monitor set up for my machine and our plasma TV hooked up to hubby’s machine on top of his Predator X-34 ultra-wide monitor. It is glorious and well worth the several months of waiting around. The only problem is that I now get chilled by the air conditioner that points directly at me from the other side of the room. It is such a small price to pay. Anyway, here it a crappy picture of our new set-up.

Our lounge room computer+TV set-up.

Our new lounge room set-up

These two things may not seem like much, but they were a pretty big deal for me. One is part of that ongoing processing of building a good writing habit whilst the other is a quality of life and productivity thing. These both make a huge difference to my overall happiness. Heck, one of these days I might even money from the latter. (The dream…)

That is it for another week. A big shout-out to new followers MovieBabble and Nia Shopping. I really dig your blogs (yes, I do check out the blogs of my followers) and look forward to chatting to both of you sometime soon. I leave you all with this clip for Think of You by Sam Brown, from his Jamendo release 37 Reasons:


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