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TV Review: Something About One Percent Episode 9

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Episodes: episode 9/16 of English subbed KDrama series
Something About 1 Percent Online: MyDramaList, DramaFeverIMDBAsianWiki
Genre: Romantic Comedy

This review was slightly delayed, but I tried to make sure that I didn’t leave it too long. In any case, I apologise for the delay and will attempt to make it up to you over the next few days. I have no clue as to when I will have the next anime series review out. So, no promises on that front.
I may attempt to track down an earlier TV adaptation of this series after I finish this version as folks that have watched both seem to enjoy the other version from 2003 a lot more. I am somewhat curious about how different the two shows are from each other. I do find it interesting to also note just how many adaptations that a lot of Asian shows and manga have. An example can be seen in the various TV and film adaptations for the manga series Itazura na Kiss beyond the anime adaptation that I finished and reviewed a few weeks ago. The current offering in the more recent film franchise has a second and third part coming out later this year. As long as it is entertaining and tries to hold somewhat close to the source material, I will likely take the time to watch the franchise.

Episode 9 follows the morning after Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-Min) spent the night over at Lee Jae-In’s  (Ha Seok-Jin) apartment. In lieu of his fridge not having food in it, they eat at the hotel and Jae-In is accosted by his ex-fiancee Han Joo-Hee (Seo Eun-Chae) after he chats to Kang Sa Hee (Lee Kan Hee) about the file that his new mother gave him concerning recent stock fluctuations. Da-Hyun goes back to her apartment and Lee is concerned enough to leave work early in order to spend time with her. However, this is not before they learn that the dating contract that they co-signed was out of place even for a break-in. They go grocery shopping, eat a home-cooked meal prepared by Kim and he goes over some more paperwork while her apartment is being renovated. (FTI, he also just purchased her apartment along with the rest of the building.)
Min Tae-Ha (Kim Hyung Min) meets with his douchebag father Min Hyuk-Ju (Kim Min-Sang) who informs him of the change in his grandfather Lee Kyoo Cheol’s (Joo Jin Mo) will and tells him to run interference in order to have a shot at the inheritance. Tae-Ha is hesitant because he seems to have a sense of morals, unlike his dad. He is also sceptical as to whether his dad acquired information about the will legally.
Da-Hyun and Jae-In go to the bar at the hotel to meet Park Hyung-Joon ( Kim Sun-Hyuk). Queue ogling from yours truly. Joo-Hee shows up unexpectedly and tries to make Da-Hyun doubt a relationship to Jae-In, not just because of jealousy. (Let’s just face it, he has a shitty track record with relationships.)  Da-Hyun is upset all the way back to Jae-In’s apartment and he stuns her with what would have to be the most uncomfortable-looking and adorable kiss. He takes her back to her apartment which now has a kick-ass security system. They spend the first night away from each other since her apartment was broken into.

A bit more happened this episode compared to episode eight. We see evidence building up in regards to Min Hyuk-Ju’s business and legal activities, which will no doubt be uncovered by other characters soon enough. It also puts forward a moral quandary for Min Tae-Ha. Is he willing to date a woman just for money? Does he like Da-Hyun enough from their brief dealings to even consider her girlfriend material? These questions will be a point of internal conflict for the character over the next few episodes.
As for the growing relationship between Kim Da-Hyun and Lee Jae-In, we see their own view of their relationship at a point now where it isn’t simply business anymore. This is beautifully played out, but this also creates a point of conflict for Da-Hyun. As for Jae-In, it has been and continues to be a means for positive character development.
So, what did we learn from this episode?

  1. It was implied previously, but we know that Lee Jae-In is willing to throw ample amounts of cash to fix a problem. However, it is even better if that money is a good investment
  2. Han Joo-Hee still has a lot of misconceptions about Lee Jae-In, and is a little gropey
  3. Opinion: Min Tae-In may very well be one of the better characters in the show because his own morals are constantly tested by that of his parents
  4. Longsuffering Team Leader Kang Sa Hee remains one of the more adorable characters in the series. That man deserves a Coke, maybe several. The actor that plays him is also cute, but his attractiveness is played down by the body language of his character in this show

Now that we are officially past the half-way point in the series, I feel really good about the various points of conflict already in play. It’s been a really fun ride so far, and I look forward to ogling Kim Sun-Hyuk even more as we move ever closer to the conclusion of the series. This show, in spite of its flaws, remains highly entertaining to watch.


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