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Keiko’s Video of the Week #007

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We are now seven weeks down and I’ve shared a few neat videos over the past two months, ranging from history to language. Given that I haven’t posted a video on art in a while, I have decided to share the following time lapse video by talented artist Sakimichan, aka Yue Wang. Yue gained notoriety over the past year or so for her collection of gender-bending reimagined Disney Princesses. The collection was gobsmackingly good. I have seen a few time lapse videos of digital artworks being created and I have to say that Yue Wang is in my opinion, one of the best digital artists around today.
Why did I choose this video when I could have chosen something else? Obviously, the subject matter is somewhat important given that it deviates from my earlier video of an artist pimping out a guitar. The video relates to the creation of a digital artwork and makes use of Adobe’s Photoshop rather a physical medium. Whilst this video doesn’t necessarily offer much of a tutorial, it clearly shows mastery in play. Like any medium, digital art requires a whole lot of dedication. Not only is the artist having to deal with the aesthetic, but they also have to make use of software that often requires a steep learning curve.
Yue Wang likes to experiment with different ideas and this week’s video is no different. Whilst many artists like to reimagine human character as anthros, Yue has chosen to flip the script by transforming cartoon characters as human beings. In this case, we see the reimagining of Lola and Bugs Bunny. I think that it manages to capture the style and personality of the two Loony Tunes characters in a manner that only Yue can.

You can find Sakimichan’s youtube channel here. You can also find her rather popular Patreon page here.



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