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Sunday Playlist 01/29/2017

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This week’s theme is “around the world”, a collection of ten easy listening songs from around the world. From the Middle East to England, From Italy to Japan, we see some of the best and brightest artists on Jamendo. This is by no means an exhaustive list of talent, but here’s hoping that it will encourage some of you to discover new music by artists that deserve more radio play.

  1. Ahla Haga Feeky by Mohamed Hamadi from Homamed Hamadi [Marocco]
  2. Contigo by Los Brodies from Esta en el Aire [Spain]
  3. Tasawar by Hamadi Helal from Hamadi Hilal [Marocco]
  4. Musical by Estudiante from Regresar [Cuba]
  5. Amor e canção by Haroldo Torrecilha from Muito Prazer [Brazil]
  6. Byesalony by Hatem Fahmy from Mesh Men Haqak
  7. Una Bugia (single) by Millionaire Blonde [Italy]
  8. Primavera Vuela (con Nerea Zárate) by Viejo Den from La Historia Interminable [Spain]
  9. Spanish Dancer (single) by Bod [Great Britain]
  10. Beautiful by Hiroumi from Kokoro No Furyoku [Japan]

Right now, there are more than seven billion people living on planet Earth. We’ve seen numerous conflicts in recent years, resulting in human hardship, death and destruction. Many of these conflicts are because of differences in ideology, whether political or religious in nature. It is difficult to find meaningful solutions when human beings so willingly group into tight-knit groups and see outsiders as either the enemy, deceived or dishonest. It often becomes a positive feedback loop for perpetuating crappy ideas and beliefs.

The human brain

The human brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I can say is that psychology suggests that the human brain is extremely good at adapting to new situations. Whilst it might take some time, human beings are highly adept at achieving their own baseline of happiness. That being said, hiding away from uncomfortable feelings is not helpful in us addressing them. Be brave and chose to be aware of your own nature as a human being, with all of its strengths and weaknesses. Live thoughtfully, intelligently and humanely, but remember to have some fun as well.

You can find the playlist here.


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