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Music Review: Oh, Yeah! Wait. What? by Giannespoli

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Year: 2014
Genre: Electropop, Pop, Nerdpop
Similar Artists: MC Frontalot, Michael Jackson (mid to late 80’s),
Online: Jamendo, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

  1. Feel Alive
  2. Ain’t No Stop
  3. I’m a Nerd
  4. Get Down
  5. Welcome
  6. Beautiful Angel
  7. We Go Together
  8. The Doodat Song
  9. Chunky
  10. Rockstar
  11. Reason to Believe

In lieu of my schedule being all over the place this week, I have decided to post a music review today instead of an anime review. I apologise about this, but it just couldn’t be helped. What I will say is that the following music review is for a rather unusual artist that I took an immediate liking to when I heard his music on Jamendo late last year.

Giannepoli is the musical entity of Gian Nespoli, a Brazilian expat living in Michigan. He wrote, performed, produced and masterfully engineered the tracks himself at his home studio. I suspect that he might have been cackling while he did it, like all evil geniuses… but that is another matter. At some stage, there was even a Kickstarter associated with the album and I wish that I could have helped spread the word about the project.
Right from the moment that you see the album title, you know that it will be somewhat different. The songs on the album are weird in a good way, sort of like Gian Nespoli himself. We see love ballads such as Beautiful Angel and Feel Alive; the rather amusing love song about food entitled Chunky; the quirky We Go Together; the channelling of MC Frontalot in I’m a Nerd; and the uplifting Rockstar. These aren’t the sort of songs to merely have on in the background either. I’ve tried to, but I eventually deem it necessary to remove distractions in order to sit down and simply enjoy the album.
The album as a whole is really enjoyable to listen to, with a hint of childlike abandon in that willingness to experiment with different styles. It results in a collection of fun, inspiring, silly and lovely songs that I listen to multiple times each week. To say that it leaves a smile on my face would be an understatement.

Anyway, I really think that Gian’s music deserves a lot more attention because he shows some serious skill and talent in this album. The whimsical nature of some of the songs may not appeal to everyone, but I really do think that there will be at least one song on the album that each of you will enjoy. As such, you guys should check it out. Seriously, head on over to Jamendo now and check out the album. Don’t be a slacker!


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