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Keiko’s Video of the Week #006

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This week’s video of the week returns to the subject of language, more specifically the language of logic. Logic uses its own symbols, creating its own strange method of conveying meaning and truth. Having touched on the subject in the past, I found myself fascinated by the subject. The problem is that I often have a lot of different interests playing upon each other. And that is where my early interest in the language of logic fell by the wayside.
To the video at hand, we see the first episode of NatLang‘s five-part series that is an introduction to logic and is one of several series produced by NatLang on the subject. The first video discusses constants and variables, concepts that are also easily extend to the subject of programming. However, the video itself focuses more on the linguistic value of the language of logic.

You can find the playlist here. You can also find the channel here. You’ll find a host of videos related to language on the channel, which range from symbolic written languages such as Hieroglyphics, spoken languages such as some spoken in tribal communities, spoken+written (the ones that we are more familiar with), scientific languages such as the language of logic (this also falls to some extent into philosophy), and programming languages. If you are interested in languages as a whole, then be sure to check out the channel.


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