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TV Review: Something About One Percent Episode 8

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Episodes: episode 8/16 of English subbed KDrama series
Something About 1 Percent Online: MyDramaList, DramaFeverIMDBAsianWiki
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Sorry for the slight delay. I was feeling a bit off today due to a crappy sleep last night. I decided that it was best to get some sleep this afternoon in order to be in a better frame of mind when I watched this week’s episode.

While Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-Min) is being visited by her mother, Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin) deals with his ex-fiancee Han Joo-Hee (Seo Eun-Chae) that is becoming more insistent that they get back together again. Kim discusses her mother’s concerns over their dating arrangement with Lee. Lee becomes concerned that she is talking about breaking up already.
Kim’s mother demands to meet Lee to put her mind at ease over their odd agreement, but Kim doesn’t commit to the idea. Lee comes over in the hopes of meeting his potential mother-in-law, but she’s already left. Lee sees it as a chance to spend an afternoon together walking around the neighbourhood with Kim.
The following day, Lee assigns Team Leader Kang to look into the documents that his new mother gave him regarding his uncle’s business dealings. After complimenting Team Leader Kang Dong-Suk (Jo Jae-Ryong) on his trustworthiness, Lee makes it apparent that he also knows about Kang’s dealings with his grandfather but doesn’t seem to hold it against him. In fact, Lee offers a certain amount of sympathy for the long-suffering employee torn in multiple directions by his family.
Lee decides to pay a visit to Kim at her workplace, much to the amusement of some of her students. They then spend some quality time together at the school playground. Lee seals it with a kiss. Awwwww! Unfortunately, their pleasant day is ruined when they return to Kim’s apartment to find that it’s been broken into and the place ransacked. (Remember that thing about some of the apartments in the area being burgled that was mentioned a few episodes before?) Lee sees it as a chance to spend more time with her.
Kim sees Lee’s apartment for the first time and finds it odd that he doesn’t have more than alcohol and water to drink. Lee arranges for somebody to look into the break-in as it is suspicious that nothing valuable seems to have been taken. While exploring the house, Kim freaks out over Lee’s bare chest while he changes into something less formal, to his amusement. She becomes nervous to stay alone with him that evening because… he has a really nice chest. He shows an interest in them having sex that evening and Kim is highly tempted because… he has a really nice chest. He attempts to get her to offer a good reason why they shouldn’t, but she can’t. However, he respects her feelings and precedes to work downstairs.
Kim can’t sleep, but not because of the burglary. Lee can’t seem to focus on his work because… WOMAN!!! Seriously, do they not understand the phrase “get a room!” Kim raids the fridge for alcohol, gets drunk and tries to distract herself with the Jenga game that she got for Lee’s birthday the previous episode. Lee finds her inebriated and during a rather adorable moment, the alcohol results in her admitting that she likes him. Lee is happy. As she passes out, he places her in his bed and sleeps on the floor.
Kim wakes up the next with the realisation that she confessed to Lee while she was drunk the night before. She becomes highly embarrassed for the admission and declares alcohol to be here eternal enemy. She then makes a lame attempt to avoid detection from Lee as she wanders about the house. In an effort to save a puffball dog wandering about on the ledge between Lee’s and his neighbour’s apartment, Kim and the dog’s fall is cushioned by Lee. He berates her for not thinking of her own safety.
Elsewhere, Min Tae-Ha (Kim Hyung Min) meets his dad at work and questions him about the odd upsurge in stock value. Min Tae-Ha knows that something fishy is going on. Back at the house, Lee plays doctor to Kim’s graze wounds. As Kim is putting away the first aid kit, she finds a photo of Lee as a kid with his new mother. Later, Kim helps Lee with his shirt and tie due to his sprained arm from being landed on earlier. They exchange googly eyes. Queue credits.

Not a lot happened in this episode compared to the previous three to four episodes, but it didn’t need to as it hit the right emotional notes. With the majority of scenes focusing on our main characters, we see Lee becoming a bit more likeable than Kim, something that I happy about because the character was a bit of a jerk in the beginning of the series. Kim is shown again to be inexperienced with men, but this is not necessarily a bad thing as it makes her more endearing as a character.
As for Min Tae-Ha, the brief moments that we’ve seen of him are enough to make me more curious. I really do want to see more of his character as he seems like a character that might be worthy of his own series. We have the impression so far that he is both smart and hard-working, but the relationship stuff will hopefully be explored later in the series because I can’t help but root for him. As pointed out in a previous episode, Tae-Ha is still tied to his parents, and this is likely to be an obstacle finding his own happiness.
No Attorney Park this week, but we did Lee’s team members have a short scene or two. Team Leader Kang was the more notable, with a scene where he proved to be rather adorable. As meek as he is, Kang is also a really fascinating character that seems intelligent but spends most of his time trying hard to please others. We’ve seen him deal with both Lee and his grandfather, but I would really like to see more of the character away from the workplace. I’d really like to see Kang be a bit more assertive, but one hopes that he chooses the right moment to shine.

Things that we learnt this episode: –

  • Playgrounds are sexy
  • Locked doors don’t stop people from breaking into your place
  • Lee has a really manly chest…
  • Kim looks adorable in Lee’s PJs
  • Stretchy Kim is best Kim
  • Puppies are morons
  • Lee looks weird in checkered shirts
  • Helping somebody out with their tie is sexy

This episode was certainly contributed something meaningful to the overall story. I look forward to seeing how the other instalments play out now that we’ve officially reached the halfway point in the story. Catch you guys next week!


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