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Music Review: Where Eyes Don’t Go by The Gray Havens


Year: 2013
Genre: Easy Listening, Pop, Folk-Pop
Similar Artists: Talain Rayne, Jenny & Tyler, Tally Hall
Online: Official WebsiteWikipedia, Twitter, Jamendo, Bandcamp,

  1. Where It Goes
  2. Silver
  3. Gray Flowers
  4. Train Station
  5. Music From A Garden
  6. Let’s Get Married

Hello again! I am back with another music review, this time for an EP by The Gray Havens, a husband and wife duo from Illinois. I discovered their music by chance on Jamendo a few months back, their unique style of piano pop immediately grabbing my attention. I admit that I am a bit of a sucker for soft pop, to begin with, but to discover a few decent easy listening pop artists in a row is a real treat when you consider how many electronic tracks that are posted on the site.

Where Eyes Don’t Go is a fun, well-constructed collection of six easy listening pop tracks with a distinct positive vibe. The songs are slightly slower, but there is a joy to them that puts a smile on my face. I suppose that is what David and Licia Radford are going for, and I won’t slight them for making songs that they likely took great pleasure in creating.
Do I have a favourite song from the EP? That is tricky given that all of the songs are enjoyable. If I had to choose then I would pick the fifth track Music From A Garden. It is the transitions in the track that set it apart from the others slightly. So… damned… pretty…
This album has high repeat value, best played in the foreground rather than the background. I might not play it as often as some other albums of late, but it is still way up there with multiple listens per week. This is likely related to what I have been working on rather than an issue with the album itself. It is probably best to listen to something moodier when you are working on heavier subject matter.

I highly recommend this album to anyone looking for some upbeat easy listening pop. Be sure to check out this album as well as David and Licia’s other music as the pair have released a few albums since 2013.


Author: keikomushi

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7 thoughts on “Music Review: Where Eyes Don’t Go by The Gray Havens

  1. hey do uk any music/songs that will go with the frienship theme? since im making an opening scene for my best friends theme scene. ill be uploading soon once im done. I’ll be waiting ^_^

    • TGH is more love songs. I would recommend that you check out some of Seastock’s songs instrumentals for that theme though: Here are a few tracks in particular that give a happy, positive vibe that could work for the theme you are going for: Folk Acoustic and Strings (Beautiful Inspiring), This Beautiful World (Beautiful Inspiring), Remember Me (Indie Folk), Come Alive (Indie Folk), Acoustic Happiness (Light and Upbeat), Carefree (Light and Upbeat), Playful Ukelele (Light and Upbeat), Give It Time (Uplifting Acoustic), Joyful Acoustic Ukelele (Uplifting Acoustic).
      I could also check some artists in other genres beyond the predominantly acoustic ones mentioned above. Let me know what you think of the first lot first as that might take you a while to listen to the catalogue of Seastock music.

      • oh thanks a lot! I’m listening to these songs right now and definitely it’s gonna help me choose the right song for my theme.

      • they all are quiet good… i really liked the Remember me one as this is according t my theme. Come Alive is like it does not feel like it has starting and ending to the music, Give It Time is is fast rhythmic, I really like Ride into The Sunset it will be helpful for my video.
        thanks alot ! ^_^

      • I am really glad that I helped. I am quite partial to having Seastock playing in the background when I want to get into a relaxed frame of mind. There are quite a few artists on Jamendo that release music under “soundtrack” and “film & TV” tags. Plenty of variety if you are looking for something specific.
        Feel free to hit me up for themed music recommendations in future. I really do not mind helping where I can. It may not be immediate, but I will try to send back some ideas as quickly as feasible. (Take the two-day internet outage that I had last week… Very annoying.)

      • oh that’s great! thanks alot for your kindness 🙂
        oh God what happened with your internet connection?
        even i used to have internet off for one whole week idk how i survived.

      • Ahoi-hoi!
        We initially thought that our internet was shaped, but it was slower than the typically shaped speeds. Somebody made some odd changes to our account on the side of our ISP as well, resulting in several days of waiting for them to fix the errors. We are still waiting for our provider to finalise our order, but at least our speeds have returned to a level where we can load videos and whatnot.
        We also have to consider possible internet outages but have a generator as backup. The problem is that the communication tower that our point-to-point internet connection is reliant upon is dependent on the same power grid. As long as I can get some power for my computer, I can play files on my hard drive and use a word processor for writing.

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