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Sunday Playlist 01/15/2017

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The theme for this week’s playlist is Time & Space, a mix of ten instrumental and electronic tracks. I’ve tried to offer plenty of variety on this one and hope that my choices do a good job of representing the theme, the idea of progression and how humans often view their lives in terms of when and where they are.
  1. The journey of Feather by Ancelin from The Journey of a Feather
  2. A.S.T.R.I.D. Part 2 by Chronique from Lost Horizon
  3. Doves by Danish Daycare from A Story of Hurt (2010 Edition)
  4. Somewhere Between by Deflate from Hibernate
  5. Qualms of Conscience by Diablo Swing Orchestra from The Butcher’s Ballroom
  6. Waves from StudyBreak from Say Goodbye Now
  7. Shades of Past by Ocean Jet from Vengeance
  8. Lullaby by The Nuri from Music Box
  9. The Blue Star by Greg Baumont from Wood
  10. We Come Together by LukHash from Digital Memories

The past and future often have such a grip on us that we cannot focus on the present. Are we so trapped by our past mistakes that we aren’t able to move forward? Are we so obsessed with the future that we forget about the loved ones and the world currently around us? Can we find value in where we are at this present moment?

A clock with a 24-hour dial.

A clock with a 24-hour dial. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As for the where, we often view the value of something or someone in terms of where they are. This often treats other qualities such as kindness, compassion, work ethic, what they are contributing to the world around them, as being less important than the big house and the fancy car. The question is: What do you value more?

You can find the playlist here.


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