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Music Review: EP by Allie Farris

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Year: 2014
Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Easy Listening, Piano, Soft Pop,
Similar Artists: Norah Jones, Sara Bareilles, Mindy Gleadhill, Allie Moss, Melanie Ungar, Juice Newton, Patty Loveless
Online: Official Website, Bandcamp, iTunesJamendo, Reverbnation, SoundcloudYoutubeFacebook, Twitter

  1. Talk to Me
  2. I’m a Mess
  3. Better Than Never
  4. Simple Mind
  5. Other Side
  6. Love Won’t Let You Down

For the time in nearly a week, I have finally clawed my way out from a backlog of posts. Yes, I admit that it is a self-created problem, to which I apologise. In any case, I am pretty happy to be posting a music review for this week’s artist.
This week’s music review features another artist that I discovered on one of the Jamendo playlists. Allie Farris is a singer-songwriter from the USA that produces some rather lovely easy listening pop with a country edge. Allie is likely the person playing the piano throughout the album.

Allie Farris’ EP release brings together six beautifully written, performed and engineered songs. For me, each song hits the right emotional qualities that one would hope for in well-written ballads, a testament to Allie Farris’ gift as a singer-songwriter. It is one of those gems that I believe that each person with an appreciation for singer-writing should listen to at least once and dissect because it is extremely well-crafted music.
The songs themselves tend to be slightly slower, moving towards more ballad territory, but seem to also have that element of hope that comes with love. In the case of the second song, I’m A Mess, I was struck by something quite odd. Then it hit me – she was totally channelling Juice Newton with that track, specifically Queen of Hearts. That is not a bad thing either, giving further evidence of her love for music from 70’s. As a person that had Queen of Hearts on nearly perpetual repeat in my household as a kid, it made me smile. After all, good music is memorable. In Newton’s case, the film clips were also quite funny. But I digress…
As I mentioned before, the album consists of easy listening piano pop with a country edge. However, the country elements are slight enough to not have the tracks fall into that genre. This is one of the better finds on Jamendo over the last year and I look forward to listening to more of her music in future.

Conclusion: Allie Farris’ music is a must listen for anyone looking for some easy listening love songs that they can sit and listen to. If you do listen to this album, consider sharing your thoughts with others because word of mouth is one of the major ways to show your appreciation for artists that have spent large periods of time creating their works of music, art and storytelling. In any case, hurry up and just listen to the album already. Seriously, why are you reading this post and not listening to this album now? 😀

My next review will be on another artist that I discovered on Jamendo recently, The Gray Havens. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you on the album, but folks should feel free to get a jump on it by heading over to Jamendo and giving the album “Where Eyes Don’t Go” a listen.


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