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TV Review: Something About One Percent Episode 6

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Episodes: episode 6/16 of English subbed KDrama series
Something About 1 Percent Online: MyDramaList, DramaFeverIMDBAsianWiki
Genre: Romantic Comedy

The week has been an odd one. So many distractions… But I must steel myself and get back to the semblance of the weekly schedule that I devised before Christmas. I don’t want to fall back into mindless and unproductive routines. Enough of me whining about how much I have been slacking off this past week. Time to get stuck into the amusing task at hand – reviewing the sixth instalment of Something About One Percent.

Spoilers… Spoilers everywhere…

This week’s episode sees Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-Min) wear a dress and nice earrings to meet up with Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin) at their predesignated date after overhearing his description of her being “old-fashioned” in the elevator during the latter parts of the previous episode. Whilst Attorney Park Hyung-Joon ( Kim Sun-Hyuk) becomes somewhat doe-eyed, Lee throws a hissy fit because she shows a shoulder. When Lee complains, she points out that she doesn’t want to look “old-fashioned”, something that goes completely over his head.
We move to Lee’s cousin Min Tae-Ha (Kim Hyung Min) who discusses with his dad Min Hyuk-Ju (Kim Min-Sang) what he’s learned about Kim from a small amount of investigation. He also points out something that he already told his dad in a previous episode, that he now has somebody tailing his cousin. There is also talk about his dating, his dad reinforcing the notion of dating a good wife and not some useless woman. One assumes that his parents have very specific parameters about what constitutes a “good wife” and a “useless woman”, probably something to do with what it offers to them financially. It is obvious that that side of the family doesn’t want to leave anything to chance, such as the unknown changes to the old man’s will that they are still trying to determine the nature of.
Back to Lee, Kim and Park at the lunch… Well, it grows increasingly more awkward and Attorney Park finds it highly amusing how his friend is reacting to Kim. After Kim leaves, Lee finally realises what triggered her “transformation”. He chases after her at he attempts to make amends for the perceived slight, clarifying that she only heard part of what he said and that he didn’t mean it as an insult. He heads to the fashion boutique that Kim’s friend Hyun Yin works at to return the outfit and to encourage her not to lend Kim those sorts of clothes again… because he is still a goofball. Hyun Yin understandably considers him a controlling asshole. In spite of this, she acknowledges that her brother Sun Woo is too late in chasing after her friend, understanding the weird chemistry that Lee and Kim have. (Let’s just face it, she understands that Kim acted out because she does indeed like Lee… and vice versa.)
We move to a conversation between Lee Kyoo Cheol (Joo Jin Mo) and Lee Soo Jung (Lee Hae In), where she grills the old man for info on the girl that Lee is dating, clarifying that the arrangement is for Lee’s sake rather than that of the company. She is worried about the young man’s future but understands that he needs to be happy as well.
In the next scene, Kim thinks about Lee’s clarification about what she didn’t hear him say… while eating chicken wings. He says some really adorable things. She has a further discussion with Hyun Yin about chicken and love. Kyun Yin proceeds to hijack Kim’s phone to apologise in her own unique way, by sending him pictures of Kim in other dresses. He appreciates the gesture.
The next morning, Lee sets up a dinner and movie date for that day. Soon after, Kang runs in with news about an important, urgent matter – a bomb threat has been made. He goes into emergency mode, arranging for guests to be evacuated. After a business-related meeting, he deals with the collapse of an American investor. Whilst Lee is dealing with that, Kim is waiting for him elsewhere, not realising what he is having to deal with. As she is getting stood up, he is approached by one of his exes, Chairman Han’s daughter, Han Joo-Hee (Seo Eun-Chae), the one that the chairman is now trying to marry off to Min Tae-Ha. She talks about how work always took priority for him. We also know that he shut down the engagement after she refused to sign a prenuptial agreement. She doesn’t seem like a terrible person, but she does seem a little pissed off at him three years since he broke it off.
Next, we see Kim leaving the shop where they’d agreed to meet, having stayed for hours waiting. Lee is waiting for her when she returns home that night and tries to make her understand what happened. In spite of him being clear about it being a significant threat of a bomb, she is still hurt. She suggests that they go back to merely doing the weekly thing until the contract period is over after he gets a call from Team Leader Kang Dong-Suk (Jo Jae-Ryong). Kim proceeds to cry in the dark, trying to convince herself that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere anyway. (She is not particularly convincing.) Lee does paperwork until morning.
The following morning Hyun Yin and Kim discuss the date… or lack thereof. As they try on outfits, the two show that they have no clue what Lee actually had to contend with the previous day. Elsewhere, Lee’s team have pulled all-nighters to deal with the fallout of the bomb threat and some other matters. Lee heads off to see his grandfather, leaving Han to get grumpy at Kang for petty stuff. At Cheol’s place, the two discuss the bomb threat, and Lee accuses his grandfather of the “prank”. His grandfather finds it hilarious.
Min Tae-Ha coincidentally sees Kim hat shopping and sees her talking to Ji Su as he considers approaching her. He considers that it might be dirt that his family can use to discredit her. After tutoring Ji Su, Kim has an unfortunate phone malfunction when about to call Lee… because she obviously likes bumping into people and dropping things.
That night, Lee waits at her door. Kim arrives and the two reconcile. We also see during their late night visit to a restaurant that Kim seems to have not heard it when he told her about the bomb threat. Lee decides to mess with Kim by implying some of the things that people sometimes do in hotels besides sleeping. Min Tae-Ha deliberates on Kim’s meeting with Ji Su by perving on some pictures that he took of them gawking at hats.
Back to the main characters, Lee slurps coffee whilst Kim sips quietly at her juice while they hold hands like a couple. In a cute moment, Lee promptly passes out from exhaustion after not getting any sleep the previous night and Kim goes goo-ga over his adorableness.

So, a lot of stuff was packed into this episode. There were a few moments when I suspected that Kim was having some horrid traits written into her character. Thankfully, this was averted by the viewer being reminded once again that she often doesn’t hear things when she is angry.
As for the pacing of this episode, it felt like it was waving a little bit… before returning to a coherent story again. We see just how much can also happen within the span of a few days, such as the introduction of Lee’s ex-fiancee and Min Tae-Ha seeing Kim with Ji Su.
What did we learn from this episode?

  1. Dinner and a movie is a must for any budding couple.. but will be ruined by a bomb threat (I am not kidding her. This also happened to a date that one of my brothers went on more than a decade ago)
  2. Lee likes to play with items that may contain explosives…
  3. Lee used to be engaged… And here I was, thinking that they merely dated
  4. There are multiple female characters that appear to be part of the Han family
  5. Just because you think that a person heard you, they may not have
  6. Girls like to play dress-up when talking about men
  7. Lee purchased the hotel from his grandfather for cash
  8. Your competition might like to snap happy shots of your when you are doing sometimes as mundane as hat shopping #hatstalker
  9. Coffee is not always the solution. Sometimes your body needs some sleep.

Though this episode was a little flawed, it still managed to contribute something meaningful to character development and the overall progression of the story. We also see some foreshadowing of some obstacles to come in the form of Min Tae-Ha and Han Joo-Hee. With this in mind, I look forward to seeing how the series will progress during the second half of the season.


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