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Manga Review: Love So Life Chapters 11-20

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Year: 2008 – 2015
Status: chapters 11 – 20 of completed manga series
Author + Artist: Kaede Kochi
Version: XscansX (English scanlation)
Love So Life Online: Wikipedia, MyAnimeList, MangaFox, Kissmanga
Genre: Shōjo, Slice of Life, Romance, Drama

Sorry for not getting this post out yesterday. The weather cleared enough for hubby and myself to deal with lawn maintenance. The ground was still a bit soft, but it was firm enough for us to deal with most of the two yards. When it gets a bit dryer, I will use the push mower to deal with the spots that the ride-on wasn’t able to get to due to obstacles such as plants. With the lawn no longer looming menacingly over my head, I finally got around to continuing on with Love So Life.

In chapter 11, Shiharu introduces Aoi and Akane to the Tanabata celebration but has to do some expert footwork when it rains that evening. In the following nine chapters, we learn more about some of Shiharu’s classmates, such as her best friend Rio, and we are also introduced to several new characters, such as one of Seiji’s classmates. A bout of the flu for Seijo also allows Shiharu to learn more about him.

Occasional moments of silliness aside, this series of chapters gave us a chance to see how her feelings for Seiji are changing. Given that she has typically taken the mature and responsible route, Shiharu doesn’t exactly understand what her feelings mean. It struck me as somewhat realistic given how tumultuous time adolescence is for human beings. This also shows just how similar Seiji and Shiharu are in that regard. They want to do the right thing by others, but tend to sacrifice a lot of their own happiness in the process.
As for the supporting cast, we see some expansions on some of the existing cast, such as Rio Yoshii and Takeru Miyakawa, as well as the introduction of Seiji’s former classmate Shinobu Oikawa. Rio had appeared a bit in the previous ten chapters, but we finally get more of a read on her friendship with Shiharu. We all want that one friend that sticks up for and supports us, something that is evident in Rio’s treatment of Shiharu. As for Takeru, Takeru idiocy steps up a notch in the chapter dealing with the Cultural Festival and in the obvious jealousy that he feels towards Shinobu’s friendship with Seiji. What can I say about Shinobu’s character so far? Well, he is currently playfully devious but seems otherwise mundane so far. I say “so far” because it feels like the writer will be building upon his importance in the story in the chapters to come.
Setting? Whilst we see events used in these 10 chapters, they are used to push the story forward and allow for character development. A good example of this was with Takeru’s character during the Cultural Festival chapter. Whilst a lot of manga and anime use festivals and holidays as filler, it hasn’t been the case with Love So Life so far. This bodes well for future instalments.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed chapters eleven to twenty of this manga because of how they contributed meaningfully to story and character development. The expansion of the existing cast and introduction of new characters also opens up some conflict and character development for future chapters as well, making what was already an enjoyable series even more promising. I really look forward to reading further instalments of this series.


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