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World of Keiko 01/10/2017

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After another delay on my weekly update, I have finally got around to writing this post. There isn’t much to tell you about this time around due to the wet weather taking some options off of the table completely. I was meaning to walk up to the library on the two days that it has been open, but it was either too wet or too muggy to do so. We had about eight days in a row where it was raining to some degree as well, leading to flooding on either side of the small town in which we live. Some of the adjoining roads where some of the folks that I have made friends with on Facebook live have been cut off periodically. One of the reports said that the small township fifteen minutes away received 230 mm one of those nights.
People that were looking to go to North and Central Queensland weren’t able to do so due to the obvious obstacle of flood waters. The Bruce Highway also has large holes in it where the water had caused the bitumen and tar to dislodge. It isn’t quite as bad as the Bruce Highway near Maryborough and Gympie was back in 2011 though. In any case, there’s been quite a bit of damage to infrastructure and folks have been isolated. However, if you’ve been living in an area long enough, you probably keep this sort of thing in mind. That leads to stocking up on supplies and making sure that your generator is serviced ahead of storm season. Heck, even when it isn’t storm season folks around here are prepared for power outages and stocked up with canned goods because of the possibility of nature disasters at any time of the year.

On a flora and fauna front, the grass in our yard is in need of a decent mowing. The problem lies in the fact that the wet weather has not completely disappeared. It is a bit of a pain in the butt to mow on slushy ground and the weight of the mower will likely leave contours in the ground like it did in our yard at Hervey Bay during the 2011 floods. Also, the ride-on mower has a short that leads to it not starting consistently. It’s been an issue since we first moved here, but at least we have a push mower that works now.
The birds are somewhat active even during the wet weather. A puffy Pee Wee was out hunting merrily away near a spot of council-mowed grass yesterday. (Yes, the break in rain for a few hours was enough for the council to do their weekly mow.) The Bush Turkeys are back to grazing on fields of nearby grass and insects. I even got to feed the loner “Turkey Joe” by hand for the first time about ten minutes before I came upstairs to post this. He ran off nervously after that, and I doubt that he will feel comfortable with eating from my hand anytime soon. I probably shouldn’t encourage him, but he is adorably weird looking.

On the writing front, I have decided upon yet another change to what I am working on, which also changes one of the not-quite-spinoffs. What this means is that the other story will take place sooner, allowing one of the main characters in that story to make his way over to New York because of the futility of chasing somebody that will never accept him. It has a sad edge to it, but it does give him a chance to develop a relationship elsewhere. The male character will hopefully, also provide some well-needed romantic conflict to go with some fighting sequences involving superpowers. I will try to hold off on unnecessary drama though, but there is bound to some amount of drama when you are writing about human beings.
This also means that the main female character will have somebody to help her understand a little bit about her own steadily changing powers and be able to finally deal with her own relationship issues… or lack thereof. I won’t go into it too much, but she is an idiot when it comes to relationships because she’s never had one before and has memories of her parents constantly fighting. Here is an interesting quote from Erich Fromm:

Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love.

Whilst some rely upon “faith”, I would argue that people develop trust in another person over time, which can lead to an evidence-based relationship. Sure, there is probability attached, but you still keep experiences in mind for determining that probability. This is something that my husband brought up to a police chaplain that visited a little over a year ago, to the mild annoyance of a man pushing the importance of faith. In any case, experience matters because we can accumulate insight and knowledge because of it. Here is quote from Aleister Crowley seems somewhat fitting:

Every one interprets everything in terms of his own experience. If you say anything which does not touch a precisely similar spot in another man’s brain, he either misunderstands you, or doesn’t understand you at all.

Aleister Crowley might have had some odd beliefs about reality, but some of his quotes on human nature are rather insightful. Can we rely on another person that has never gone through the same things as us to fully understand from an emotional and intellectual standpoint what we are going through? Of course not. However, a person can aspire and try to empathise with us based upon what we communicate to them about those circumstances. This might be difficult, but human beings are social creatures and we are born with social tools that also include things like empathy. I could go into some mild psychological stuff on human socialisation, but I am sure that you’re likely getting tired on this tangent already.

On the gaming front, I spent the better part of the weekend and yesterday dealing with life skills in Black Desert Online. It was mostly cooking and processing, but I made some silver from it. I haven’t touched alchemy in a while due to a lack of weeds for one of the base materials. I am slowly accumulating it though, and will likely start producing alchemy tools over at Olvia later in the week.
I really do not feel like grinding at all anytime soon, but will help the guild for things like the guild boss scrolls. I haven’t helped with any gathering missions in a while, which makes me feel a bit guilty. At least the bulk of the materials collected during the gathering missions are becoming useful for my production network.

Nothing much to say on the exercise front. Also, hubby and I still haven’t moved the loungeroom around in spite of numerous opportunities to do so. *sigh* Maybe we will get it sorted by next Christmas… Or maybe I will finally deal with some of the moving myself. I won’t be dealing with hubby’s stuff though, as it is too heavy and expensive AF.

On a more pleasant front, one of the artists that I made contact with during a Windows-Reverbnation music competition years ago, released a video of a rather lovely studio performance. Mike Vitale is now in a music outfit known as The Hawkline Monster that I seriously recommend that you guys check out. Anyway, I leave you with the video:


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