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Music Review: Electric Dream by Luzius Stone

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Year: 2015
Genre: Rock, Electro-Rock, Darkwave, Hip-hop
Similar Artists: Mikhail Mironov, Ocean Jet
Online: Twitter, Facebook, Jamendo, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, Instagram

  1. Go
  2. Fire in the Sky
  3. Ocean Eyes
  4. Past Life
  5. Reminisce
  6. Aqua Dance
  7. Telescope
  8. DNA
  9. Lunar Clips
  10. What A Day
  11. Its On

I am really liking some of the artists that I’ve found of late and hope that I can offer a little something back for the work that they put into their music. The bare minimum is sharing a link, but I suspect that a review usually goes a step further as it allows room to talk about the pros and cons, as well as other elements, of a music release. Creatives also appreciate feedback if they are interested in improving.
Luzius Stone is one of the music artists that I recently discovered on the Jamendo playlists. One track, Fire in the Sky, was enough for me to check out the others on the Electric Dream album. I have found myself listening to this album at least a couple times a week since downloading it.

The album consists of well-crafted songs with high-quality sound production. I’ve said this a few times of late, but it has to be said. Let’s just face it, some musical outfits release music that is let down by poor sound engineering. All of that work writing and composing is effectively for nought because the instruments won’t work as well together. (To be clear: this assumes a studio situation where musicians take turns recording their parts.) A big shout out to Evan Bradford for his work on the sound engineering. Nice work on bringing all of those sounds together!
The album is off to a running start with the awesome track “Go”, a song that made me giggle repeatedly and one that is a part of a playlist for a writing project that I am working on. It is fun, the vibe of an unlucky person pushing forward in spite of their many self-created messes. What follows is a collection of songs connected by the human condition, the rollercoaster of human experiences. Some of the songs are dark, but there is a definite story structure and narrative within. And Luzius Stone completely knocks it out of the park with the vocals as well. Holy crap, dude! I am impressed.
Do I have a favourite song? Much in all as I really like “Go”, I find myself also repeating “Fire in the Sky”, “Ocean Eyes”, “Lunar Clips”, and “Its On”. This is not to say that the other songs are crap, not at all, but it really comes down to how it affects the fleshing out my current writing project.

I really enjoy this album and recommend that folks have a listen to the album all the way through. If you don’t like it by then, then you have no taste. *poke-poke* Seriously, though, I think that you guys will like it.


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