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World of Keiko 01/03/2017

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Hello again! I hope that each of you had an awesome new year. Hubby worked, but we got to spend much of the evening together. He played computer games and started rewatching Rick & Morty whilst I did some reading watched some anime. How did you spend your new year?

So, how has my recent blog schedule panned out so far? Well, I missed at least the deadline for my anime review, but I did manage to post it eventually. At the time that this post is scheduled to go live, it will be 12 hours later than I wanted. I don’t like missing deadlines, but I was planning a bunch of posts and watching the anime that I will be reviewing later this week. I still haven’t read any chapters of Noblesse, the manga that I will be reviewing tomorrow. If I don’t finish it, I will likely post a TV show review instead. I have been making some headway on watching Itazura na Kiss at least, with 10 episodes of the 25 total watched at the time that I post this entry. What are your blogging goals for 2017?

As for my writing, I have been able to flesh out some more things for my weird superhero-ish drama. The characters in the two larger story arcs are solid, but I will need to update my online wikis with the relevant information of a few recent character changes, including a new character altogether. Heck, I still haven’t added listings for Drake and Mallone, two characters that have their own series (on hold for a little while) and will be making cameos in the series that brings many of the characters together ahead of the conclusion of the series that will lead to supergroups being formed to deal with new transdimensional threats caused by douchebag cultists. I will need to then back things up in the associated OneNote notebook on my HDD. I really do like that program, but I need to use it a lot more regularly for this stuff. If folks haven’t checked it out yet, I recommend that you at least learn more about the software. For the writers out there, how are your current projects moving along?

Health and fitness goals will likely wait until things are back to normal. Hubby and I also need to sort this room. No, we still haven’t done that yet… because we are slackers. I want my second monitor set up, but the big addition to the room will be the treadmill and situp bench. Hubby has pretty gone to using a recliner at his computer now due to a bruised tailbone. Our flabby bits won’t disappear on their own, though. What are your current health and fitness goals?

Before I go, be sure to check out Arria’s blog at Fujinsei for some decent commentary on anime and manga. Arria was nice enough to visit my blog recently and I really liked what I saw at theirs. If you know of any anime and manga bloggers that also need some well-deserved traffic, let me know as I don’t mind checking out what folks have to say about anime and manga.

Anyway, that is all for the update this week. I will try to give you some entertaining content to read, watch and listen to this week. I leave you with the following amusing film clip by Mckinney Griffin.

Have an awesome week!


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