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Music Review: Theory of Everything by The Long Now

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Year: 2011
Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Pop rock
Similar Artists: Audioslave, Electric Six, Queens of Stone Age, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Modest Mouse, FAMP (I will be reviewing one of their albums in the next month)
Online: Jamendo (I have had issues finding further info on this band, and suspect that they might have broken up. The address on their Jamendo page currently goes to dead link.)

  1. Future Monks
  2. Jellylegs
  3. Asleep on My Feet
  4. My Eagle
  5. Arrows
  6. Fashion Fits
  7. Loveless
  8. Complacency No Vacancy
  9. Speed of Sound
  10. Inventions
  11. Into the Sky With Ivy
  12. Seven Forks

I discovered French band The Long Now on Jamendo a few months ago, taking a liking to their music because of the song “My Eagle” which was on one of the staff-created rock playlists. I decided to give some of their other music a listen. Whilst this song remains my favourite of all of their tracks, I am amazed at how well all of the tracks on The Theory of Everything work together as a complete unit. This is odd given that each song is also somewhat unique.
The album begins with the track Future Monks, a song that speaks of the mistaken view that in the future all of our woes will be solved. It resonated with me and started the album on the right foot. The next eleven tracks go with that beginning theme of time – past, present and future. I have seen a few albums that fell flat for reason of pacing, but Theory of Everything makes good use of their songs to effect pacing in a really neat way, the theme playing a huge role in the success of the album.
The songs are well-engineered, allowing the listener to clearly differentiate between the instruments. The songwriting is solid and lacks that cliche commercial vibe that often takes away from emotional and storytelling components. The quality of the album has led to me listening to the album in its entirety at least several times each week since I downloaded it.

In conclusion, I find this album to be highly enjoyable and repeatable. I recommend folks check out the release on Jamendo via the album section. If you do check out the album, be sure to let me know how you found it.


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