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Keiko’s Video of the Week #002

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In this second instalment of the video of the week segment, I will be moving away from last week’s theme of building something. Today’s video is a compilation of archival footage offered by British Pathé archive on 8 monarchies that no longer exist. I thought that the material would offer an interesting contrast to last week’s video, focusing on deconstruction and conflict that leads to changes in government as opposed to creating something.
It is curious how much people in the west take for granted just how much even the west has changed over the past century. World War has played a large part in a change of government in several regions, with Communism, Fascism and Socialism being adopted in several nations. That being said, some of these same nations have also gone through even more change over the past three decades, such as the fall of the Berlin wall, the Soviet Union disintegrating under the weight of failed promises to their own people and Italy leaving the Fascist model. In lieu of recent troubles in the Middle East, one wonders what will happen to world governments as a whole over the next decade.

British Pathé released their last collection of archival footage several years ago. This is a great source of visual and audiovisual materials for those with an interest in history. You can find their Youtube channel here.


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