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TV Review: Something About One Percent Episode 4

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Episodes: episode 4/16 of English subbed KDrama series
Something About 1 Percent Online: MyDramaList, DramaFeverIMDBAsianWiki
Genre: Romantic Comedy

I was unwilling to wait another week to watch this episode, resulting in me watching the show today. Am I addicted? I don’t think so, but I do look forward to watching each episode.

WARNING: Spoilers and some feels ahead.

Episode four continues on from the final scene of episode three, wherein Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin) pecks Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-Min) on the mouth after her flawless impression of a cat jumping at a toy. In a scene that had me laughing for nearly five minutes straight, he is assaulted multiple times by the hilariously skittish and awkward Kim. This scene sets up several funny scenes as Lee’s family learn from news sources that he was seen with a “beautiful woman” at the concert the night before. Deputy Han, one of the girls at Lee’s office attempts to make use of his new relationship to start getting lunch off for a change.
We then move onto Kim’s discovery that their date was documented by the press. Lee gets blasted for an imagined slight after being fixated on what he believes are simply cute emotes. Then we move on to some further character development as we learn more about Lee’s childhood and his attachment to an older woman that he had dinner with the week before. Feels ensue.

For me, this fourth episode is the best so far. Whilst it had a lot of funny moments. we also got to move more into drama territory with the further character development of Lee. In this regard, the humour of the earlier portion of the episode deepened the sorrow that we easily feel for Lee and his new “mother”. It seemed relatable given that life is a collection of ups and downs. Lee becomes more personable, as we see start to see a relationship as reluctant as it is, form between Lee and Kim.
With a continuation of some of the silliness of previous episodes, Kim needs to finally look up Lee’s grandfather online because it is still apparent that she doesn’t know who he is. Who does that, honestly? Seriously, this is an old guy that has placed her in an odd predicament wherein she is now subject to some weird inheritance nonsense. Also, when is Min going to learn about his own relevance and/or that his grandfather also put him in contention for some weird inheritance thing? Given that he is curious about the young woman that he keeps seeing his cousin with, one assumes that it won’t be too long. We also know that his parents have already arranged somebody to investigate the mystery girl.

Next stop, Episode 5!


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