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World of Keiko 12-26-2016


It’s been an odd week. Along with the Christmas season, my maternal grandmother passed on midway through last week. My entire family on my mum’s side had known for nearly a decade that gran’s health was in pretty bad shape, but I suppose that we would like to think that loved ones will stick around forever. Around this time last year, my husband’s maternal grandmother also passed on. Perhaps it is due to the fact that many of us are on holidays that it hits us harder. Normal everyday life can become a little bit of a buffer for grief. I did my best to offer support to my mother who is one of several of grandma’s six daughters to spend a bit of time with her in recent years. However, my efforts felt empty.
I try not to think of how bad that it will hit me when mum or dad eventually pass on. It feels morbid because it is. Instead, I will use this time to implement my plan for the blog and life in general in order to make a positive start for next year.

Hubby and I spent our first Christmas together as a couple rather than spending it with loved ones. It was rather peaceful, and we spent some of the day playing computer games. As for the meal, it consisted of roast chicken breast, dressing (cornbread, shredded chicken, egg, sage, thyme, egg and beef stock all baked in the oven in a large tray – my mother-in-law’s awesome concoction that is a food group in of itself), peas+corn+carrot, green beans and gray. Hubby ate devil’s food cake with vanilla icing and a side of ice-cream, whilst I went for my jelly and pineapple mix because I felt like it. I would have posted a picture of the spread but the camera app on my phone crapped itself. What noms resulted in your food coma this year?

It’s been a long time coming, but I have made the big decision to post a lot more regularly. The goal is at least one post per day, predominantly content where I evaluate something. You might have already noticed a few more posts than usual over the past week. I want to be better at looking at a story or “product” with a clear and analytical mind. I am not expecting to be perfect, not at all, but I do hope to further develop skills to help me with storytelling and critical thinking. So, what is the plan? Here goes:

  • Monday: World of Keiko (update)
  • Tuesday: Manga Review
  • Wednesday: TV Review
  • Thursday: Keiko Video of the Week
  • Friday: Anime Review
  • Saturday: Music Review + optional Movie/OVA review
  • Sunday: Playlist

If I can keep this schedule up for a while, then I expect to gain some benefit from it. I will consider any extra posts as a good thing. However, I will try to keep an eye on quality as to avoid you guys getting bogged down by shitty posts. Feel free to post feedback and suggestions over time. I am also willing to consider music, movie, TV, anime and manga recommendations that folks have. So, feel free to send them my way. Have you come up with any special plans or resolutions for 2017?

On the writing front, I’ve been fleshing out the superhuman/supernatural setting that I will be setting several of my stories in. This is the same world that I was going to set my 2016 NaNoWriMo novel in but hit a wall because of too many gaps in world-building. I couldn’t in good conscience start work until I had laid enough groundwork for the first novel. It also appears that I will need to work on one of the other stories first as well, as it gives readers a chance to learn about the world from the point-of-view of somebody learning about it. In any case, each of these stories will be geared towards a 45-minute TV-show format. (This relates to pacing, number of scenes, and some other related elements.) What are you working on, if anything?

As to health and fitness, I will need to get to work on improving my health ASAP as it is becoming an even greater impairment to overall quality of life. I will likely spend a bit of time improving cardio via our treadmill, and add in time on the boxing bag once I have met some fitness goals ahead of us purchasing one. We used to own a bag ages ago, but it deteriorated over time due to where we used to store it. Why a boxing bag? I recall finding it an enjoyable way to work up a sweat years ago. It also allows me to test out how different martial arts maneuvers feel from a practitioner standpoint. This will give me some well-needed insight into how several of my fictional characters will feel when they train. What are you health and fitness goals for the future?


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2 thoughts on “World of Keiko 12-26-2016

  1. Loosing a loved one really really sucks. Lost my dad 1 yr ago. You can’t prepare for that no matter how long you have.

    • I suppose that this is where a support network makes a huge difference. You all lean on each other for strength because human beings are social by nature. From a mental health standpoint, a lack of a support network dramatically increases the chance of developing mental health issues.

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