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TV Review: Something About 1 Percent Episode 2

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Episodes: episode 2/16 of English subbed Korean series
Something About 1 Percent Online: MyDramaList, DramaFeverIMDBAsianWiki
Genre: Romantic Comedy

I have held off for a little while on continuing this series due to some other stuff that I was working on such as anime and manga reviews. It also occurred to me after the first episode that the show is also known under the name One Percent of Something. It is one of those translation things, I suppose.

Yes, Yes, the whole spoiler alert thingy. You’ve been warned. 😀

The second episode continues right after our male protagonist negotiates with his grandfather some terms relating to the SH Group inheritance. Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin) throws the gauntlet, deciding to do whatever it takes to beat his rival, a non-family member, to the inheritance. This leads to an odd negotiation between Lee and Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-Min) regarding what Kim will get out of the six months spent dating. Also, we get to meet the teen idol that Kim is president of the fan club and ally of, a young man Ji Soo (Baek Seung Heon).

The second episode continues to expand more upon what we learned about Kim in the first episode. She is still understandably sceptical about the circumstances that Lee alerted her to in the first episode, with her forgetfulness becoming evident to Lee in several interactions with each other. As to her family’s insistence on her going to meet potential husbands, that tells us a little about her upbringing as well. She is one of the better female protagonists that I’ve seen in recent time, though some people might get irritated with some of the comic sound effects in scenes featuring her.
Lee also proves to be more physically forceful as well, something that might annoy viewers. This last aspect certainly lead to me raising an eyebrow, but it gave me more of an indication of what he is willing to do in order to get people to listen to him. Do I like him as a character? I find him interesting, but I wouldn’t say that I like him as a character because he comes off as an egotistical asshole focused on money. In one scene, a male employee that works for both Lee and his grandfather wonders why the people in their family as such assholes. It did a good job of summing up both Lee and his grandfather, though Lee’s mother seemed like pleasant in one of the latter scenes.
To pacing and plot, the second episode had a feeling of continuity to it and it didn’t feel like the entire world centred around what was happening to Lee and Kim. We saw that Ji Soo was also a student, likely in college. I got the distinct impression that he will play a bigger part in future episodes, not just because he is in the beginning credits, but because he is an important part in Kim’s world. We also saw that Lee was also still working on what appears to be the same business deal from the first episode. This will likely also be relevant in future episodes given how much of a dick he’s been to some of his underlings because of it. And to Lee’s lawyer and best friend, the dude is still awesome. Some of the things alluded to about Lee’s history feels like it might become relevant in future episodes as well, such as his previous “ill-tempered” girlfriends. We also know from the “ticking clock” that there is a time limit on the story unless something happens to alter the arrangement.
Yes, I did like the second episode. It did a good job of building upon characters and circumstances in a meaningful way. It also feels like there will be a bit more depth to the story if the first two episodes are anything to go by, then there is likely to be a few hoop for the male and female protagonists to jump through before the conclusion of the series. While mildly cheesy, the show is freaking adorable. I look forward to watching this light-hearted K-drama romantic comedy.


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