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World of Keiko: 12/11/2016

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The lead-up to Christmas has been pleasantly relaxed for hubby and I compared to previous years. I like the lack of stress that usually arrives with the Christmas rush, but I also wonder how some of our relatives are doing further south. I hope that they won’t be lonely this holiday season. For many, the season usually brings the awareness of being alone as a lot of people tend to meet with loved ones this time of year.
I am somewhat curious as to what things will be like in our household this time next year. Will we have a new addition to the family? Will hubby and I be fitter and healthier than our current “expanded” selves? Will I have a book finished? What new things will I know and/or skills will I have obtained between now and then? Will there be cake? In any case, these are all things to discover next year.

I’ve been busy the past fortnight, primarily related to fleshing out the main story arc that I working on and a few minor world-building elements. Some of this involved learning about New Jersey and West Virginia, two states in the USA that I have limited knowledge of because I live here in Central Queensland. This is where tools such as Google Maps and Wikipedia come in handy but aren’t exactly the same thing as walking the streets of a town talking to the locals. I suppose that I can try to find blogs of people that do live in the specific regions that the action will take place to “get a read” on what these places are like. Of course, this is somewhat subjective given that there are numerous things that determine how a person perceives a place, person or event. How much of this can be tainted by priming from another source? I would say that it is likely to be a lot. And first impressions are often difficult to change if a person has already bugged out.

To the anime and manga front, I have managed to get some reading and viewing in but not as much as I’d prefer. I tried rewatching Black Blood Brothers but found myself distracted with the writing stuff. However, I have spent some time reading Karandi’s reviews over at 100 Word Anime and that of TwoHappyCats to see how these two avid consumers of anime and manga view some of the newer series for the current autumn/winter season. These two blogs are worth checking out if you haven’t done so already.
As for Asian Drama shows, I just started watching the Chinese Romantic Action Drama When a Snail Falls in Love. It is somewhat promising so far, and I will post a review of the first episode when I am done. If you have some other Asian drama shows that you find worth, feel free to post about it in the comments section. Much in all as I enjoy some of the cheesy romance stuff, I love fight sequences as well. The sequences don’t have to be pretty either because I doubt that many fighters think of aesthetics when they are beating the shit out of each other.

To the health front, I am well and truly overweight now. It is beginning to affect mundane things such as sitting at my computer desk. It is very much time to deal with fitness. Hubby and I intend to organise our living room to allow for the treadmill and sit up bench in the next week.


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