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TV Review: When a Snail Falls in Love S01E01

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Episodes: Episode 1 of ongoing Chinese series (English subtitles provided by DramaFever)
WaSFiL Online: Wikipedia, MyDramaList, DramaFever
Genre: Romance + Action + Police + Drama

I’d been meaning to watch this series ever since I first saw the synopsis on MDL. In lieu of me feeling in the mood to watch a live action show as opposed to something animated, I finally decided to give the first episode a run.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

The first sequence offers a damning indictment of the Combodian rail system, wherein the male protagonist Ji Bai (Wang Kai) takes down several criminals stealing valuables from passengers at knifepoint. He is a Chinese police officer visiting the country briefly for an investigation that he is undertaking. After some brief interactions, we learn that he is there for another reason as well.
About halfway, the story moves back to Lin Police Station where Ji Bai has given orders to one of his subordinates to facilitate the removal of one of the new recruitments, citing his concerns over her not passing her physical competency. We are now introduced to the young woman in question, Xu Xu (Wang Olivia), sent from a psychology academy. We discover quickly that she doesn’t like arm wrestling, preferring to draw cartoonish representations of those around her. She is shy but likeable.
In the last sequence, Ji Bai has returned from Cambodia and is meeting the woman relevant to the side thing that he was working on during his short stay in another country. Her name is Ye Zi Xi (Zhao Yuan Yuan) He was looking for any proof that her suspicions about the death of her father.

The casting for the show is solid so far and the plot offered a reasonable hook to draw me in. The show looks like it will have a solid story arc for multiple characters as well, offering enough depth to last for the duration. Weaving multiple arcs adds some well-needed chaos into the mix as well because these arcs will likely affect other story arcs.
To the action scenes, the martial arts weren’t necessarily pretty, but did look like moves that a person might actually use in a real fight in order to deal with an opponent. There was also the difference in styles being used by Ji Bai compared to his opponents, giving him the feel of a police officer trying to apprehend rather kill his opponents.
I really enjoyed the characterisation in the first episode. The two main characters strike me as having a lot of stuff going on in their private lives that will no doubt play out to some degree during the rest of the series. As for the older police officers and the new recruits at Lin Police Station, it felt like a living and breathing team that are learning how to work together by using various games (such as the arm wrestling) in order to get to know each other. Having seen some police teams personally, I felt like there was enough variation in the personalities of the members to feel authentic.
In conclusion, the show may not have dealt with romantic elements yet but had enough going on to make me want to continue watching the series. I like the characters and I want to get to know how they will change over the span of the series. I recommend this show for anyone looking for an action police drama with romantic elements.


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