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Anime Review: Kamigami no Asobi


Episodes: 12 English sub episodes of complete Japanese series
Kamigami no Asobi Online: Wikipedia, MyAnimeList, Crunchyroll
Genre: Fantasy + Drama + Romance + Reverse Harem

I watch a lot of anime-based multi-editor projects (MEP) and anime music videos. This gives me a chance to discover new series, which includes the series Kamigami no Asobi. This series is based on a visual novel series.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

Hard-working student Yui Kusanagi is preparing for the upcoming school term when she hears an odd sound at the shrine that her family takes care of. After following the sound to one of the sheds, she sees a glowing sword. When she touches the sword, she is transported to another world.
Yui discovers that she’s been handpicked by the God Zeus to show a bunch of emotionally troubled and sometimes bratty male Gods what it means to be human. This takes place in a garden that simulates the Japanese schooling system that Yui is familiar with. One by one, she has to help each understand what it means to be human and if they do not graduate, they will be trapped inside of the garden forever.

To begin with, this series has some nice artwork. You can differentiate between each character, though some of the Gods forms look silly. I personally like the God-form designs for Hades, Thor and the two Japanese deities. The human forms are kind of neat regardless. I would point out though that I began the task of looking for a strange dog-man that would appear randomly in the background, creating a game of “Where’s Anubis”. I adore that little noodle-brain.
Regarding the plot, it is a minimal character-driven series that tends towards revealing the “issues” that each God must overcome and then deal with them in some meaningful way. Though it seemed a bit child-like, it still managed to be oddly compelling. The ticking clock aspect also created a sense of urgency as well.
To the mythology aspect, the series (and by extension the VN series that it is derived from) deviates from real-world mythology in how the pantheons connect to each other. As such, viewers should expect the series to be significantly different from what most of us are familiar with. Do not expect blow-for-blow similarities because this series has tweaked mythology for the sake of creating its own universe.
Given that this series is based on a VN, you might be wondering about the Romance and Reverse Harem aspects. Whilst Yui is certainly openly pursued by several of the Gods, she is focused on helping the entire class graduate. For those familiar with the VN reverse harem romance genre, this series offered a neutral yet happy ending. This made sense from a genre standpoint, hence I didn’t feel jipped.
In conclusion, I really enjoyed this anime series. It is probably one of the better VN reverse harem adaptations that I have seen to date and it will likely modify my standards somewhat. I recommend it to anyone looking for a light reverse harem series with fantasy (magic and mythology) elements.

As always, I encourage folks to post their own recommendations (including links to their own reviews) in the comments section. I look forward to seeing what anime folks are watching. A lot of people discover new shows and manga via word of mouth, making your recommendations of some benefit to fans.
Readers should also check out the Reviews section of the blogroll for several blogs that I follow. This will likely grow over time as well, so feel free to check back. Want me to check out your own blog? Leave the info in the comments section and I will check out your blog when I have some spare time.


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4 thoughts on “Anime Review: Kamigami no Asobi

  1. While the story was pleasant enough I found the protagonist of this to be really boring. That and the treatment of mythology kind of bothered me. However, as a reverse harem it wasn’t dreadful.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • I tried to view in the context of the genre. There are some other Reverse Harem series based on VN games that I had difficulty getting past the first episode of because I hated most of the cast members. An example of this is Diabolik Lovers. Regardless, t shouldn’t take work to sit through an anime or continue a manga.

      • Diabolik Lovers was pretty awful. I got to episode 3. I kind of think I want to go back and watch just to see how they made a second season of that but I just don’t know that I can force myself to sit through it.

    • Diabolik Lovers was painful to watch. I ceased to care because of the first real scene, but I didn’t really get to see how bad the story was. I am guessing that it was also terrible.

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