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Manga Review: Slow Starter (Harumi Chihiro)

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Status: Completed all 8 chapters of the manga
Author + Artist: Harumi Chihiro
Version: YoManga
Slow Starter Online: MyAnimeList, MangaFox, YoManga, KissManga,
Genre: Adult + Drama + Romance??? + Seinen + Smut (minor nudity and implied sex scenes)

I was rummaging around on KissManga yesterday and found this scanlation featured on the front page. I read the synopsis and wondered how the author was going to play out the story based on the loose premise. So, I began to read the manga, with high hopes.

The story begins with the male protagonist otaku talking to his recently dumped best friend about relationships. It is obvious from the get-go that he has trouble talking to girls, making it difficult for him to have a real relationship. To cheer his friend up, MP goes out to a bar where his friend nearly immediately picks up a female. As the male protagonist considers leaving, a drunk woman falls over nearby and he rescues her from the horde of men wanting to take advantage of her. After trying to help her get home, it becomes apparent that she forgot her bag and he offers to let her crash at his place for the night. As he is about to go to sleep, she offers (unprompted) to sleep with him. Though he feels a bit guilty at the possibility that her judgment might be impaired, he agrees and soon learns the reason for her getting drunk in the first place. She is in love with a girl from her workplace, a woman that anyone that comes into contact with obsesses over.

To begin with, I went into this manga with a positive outlook because I have seen authors do wonderful things with such simple premises before. It was an odd story overall, and one that could have been a lot better than what it was. I didn’t mind the characters, and the story didn’t rely purely on nudity or sex scenes (there were only two sex scenes in the entirety of 8 chapters). The problem is that the story was too short and therefore did not allow the reader to get to know more about these three characters. That seriously let down what could have been a really good story. Some things are hinted, yes, but this is not enough to give me the feeling of closure from reading this story. The relationships were also a tad “light” because they lacked the level of depth needed to feel authentic.
To the art, it is of reasonable quality and I could differentiate between the cast members. It is nothing special, but it isn’t bad either. It is “good enough”.
All in all, this manga was a disappointment, but still a good example of things to avoid. If you introduce characters into a story, the reader tends to want to learn more about them. If you don’t meet that need, the reader will wonder what the point of reading the story was in the first place.


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