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Anime Review: Keijo!!!!!!! Episode 1

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Episodes: Episode 1 of an ongoing series dubbed from Japanese into English.
Keijo Online: Wikipedia, Funimation,
Genre: Sports/Fighting + Comedy + Ecchi Comedy + Drama

So, today I have finally decided to review the first episode of Keiko!!!!!!!!, that silly anime with more exclamation marks than Yuri on Ice!!! Okay, so maybe I stole that last bit from the evil one Gigguk, but it does seem apt given the bizarre amount of hype that this very strange anime received in the months leading up the release. In an anime season that offered up the continuation of several sports drama and a one that has broken the internet (I’m looking at you, YoI!!!), we have an odd newcomer offering us the hilarity of boob and butt wrestling. I easily convinced my husband to watch this one with me, and he also seemed amused by this odd series.
I have been putting off posting a review of this show for a number of reasons in spite of watching it more than a week ago. The first is that Keijo is an Ecchi comedy, which means that it offers a lot of pervy fanservice and innuendo. The second is that I was really trying to figure out what to say about this anime without falling to the floor in fits of laughter.

The first episode sees Nozomi, the effective main character of the show so far, succeeding in getting into a sports college of aspiring professional Keijo players following a successful tryout. This is shown through a series of flashbacks wherein we see some of the other competition from the entrance exam. This plays out via an amusing and certainly tricky new multiplatform format of the game and allows us to get to know a bit about the motivations of the cast members. It also gives us a good idea of how boobs can be used to knock people out. #epicboobattack At the end of the episode, we are also introduced to the group of girls that the somewhat narcissistic main character is dorming with.

For some of you, you will be aware ahead of time that this show follows aspiring professional players of an imaginary gambling sport called Keijo. Keijo comprises young women boob and butt wrestling on podiums floating in the middle of large pools. Yes, it is as in your face as one would expect, but there is a bit more to it as well. There does seem to be depth in even some of the shallow characters, even the occasional boob-fondler girl. Each of the characters seems to have a few unique strengths and/or attacks as well.
The show is simultaneously a sports drama and a weird Ecchi comedy all wrapped up into one very strange series. How the heck it manages to walk the tightrope between the two without becoming a complete farce is a miracle in of itself. Yes, the boobs and the butts are relevant to the overall pervy theme, but the game for which this anime revolves is actually somewhat complex. We get to learn a few of the more basic rules in the first episode, but we will no doubt learn more in future instalments of the series.

I was amused by the over-the-top fight butt battles that are rather epic. We also have characters that are unique enough to be interesting without feeling convenient. The voice acting is solid for the English dub version and the storyline feels like it will be somewhat linear. I am more than amused by the series so far to see how it plays out. However, I do think that it is an acquired taste and recommend it to folks that appreciate butt and boob humour.


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