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World of Keiko 11/08/2016

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It is my first update since NaNoWriMo began last week and I wish that I had good news about my progress. Sadly, I have barely got half of a scene written. Life has got in the way and I discovered that I didn’t sufficiently prepare for it. That being said, I have managed to make some headway. Does this mean that I am done with NaNoWriMo this year? No, but I don’t anticipate finishing an entire novel this time around. I’ve decided to relive some pressure and work on the book idea either by adding to the associated wiki or by writing scenes. It is not a perfect plan, but it is better than throwing in the towel and ending it here.

On the health and fitness front, I am back to exercising again. It is more baby steps at this stage rather than throwing myself headlong into it and not being able to sustain it over a long period of time. I’ve tried eating healthier, but I’ve still been a little slack due to lack of a trip to the shops in more than a weeks. The freezers are quite bare, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I will need to go over some recipes in the next few months to improve my options of tasty-yet-healthy noms.

To the USA election, I have been keeping tabs on American politics given that I know that the USA elections will also have effect on friends and in-laws living in the USA. I suspect that it will also give us a glimpse of things to come in Australian politics over the next few years as well. In any case, it is awesome to see folks vote period than not be a part of the process at all.
Over the past few weeks though, we have seen supporters on both sides (sadly, there is a movement towards pragmatism this time around) do things that can be viewed as voter suppression. An example is a recent video of a car of apparent Trump-supporters being jostled and vandalized by a large crowd whilst the occupants were still people in the car. There was even threats by the crowd that they would set the car on fire. This is not the only example of violence either. When a person becomes so polarized that they are willing to do harm to a person with an opposing stance even when that other person is not doing anything wrong other than exercising their freedom to vote or show support for another candidate, it suggests that that person is not willing to talk or think rationally. It doesn’t matter how you are voting this time around, but please don’t be that person that wants to take a giant dump on the process by interfering with the same freedom of another person. Heck, even help them get to the booths because voting is about having the voices of the people heard.


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