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TV Review: City Hunter Episode 1

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Episodes: First episode of English subbed Korean series
City Hunter Online: MyDramaList, Wikipedia,
Genre: Action Crime Thriller

City Hunter is the 2011 live action TV adaptation of a popular manga series. I never got around to reading the manga or watch the anime ahead of time, but I have previously read good review of the other formats. I was really looking forward to watching this series. Sadly, it didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped.


The show begins with a terrorist attack on a diplomatic event in Burma, resulting in five members of the South Korean government sending a group of 21 members of the military to assassinate targets in North Korea that they believe were involved in the attack. Two of them are good friends that ran a security detail at the event in question, one of which had a wife in labour while he was dealing with the aftermath. The problem is that the Prime Minister of their country is working on a diplomatic deal with the USA government and the five make the decision to wipe away evidence of the mission. This ends with 20 members of the team being killed. Vowing to exact revenge on those members of his own government that put out the kill order, Lee Pin Jyo makes off with the infant son of his deceased friend and begins to plot.

First up, I stopped at the halfway point because I was having to ignore a bunch of things in the episode. There was just so many things that occurred in the first half that were avoidable and idiotic errors. For example, why the hell didn’t the security do a sweep of the pavilion in the first place? If they had, they would have discovered the obvious explosive in plain sight on one of the beams. There was some other stuff in there as well, but it didn’t get off to a good start. The show had so much potential but the solid casting couldn’t do enough to redeem what was a shitty plot in my humble opinion. With this in mind, I have decided to drop the show from my watchlist.



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