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World of Keiko 10/31/2016

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Hey there! It has obviously been a while since my last update thingies, but hopefully it will be more regular from now on.
I have been busy with some personal stuff, including making a huge decision about whether or not to start a family with my husband. I have taken a bit of time off of writing to play Black Desert Online but am now feeling distracted from gaming due to writing ideas. That has led to me to my recent return to posting reviews of anime and music as well as making the decision to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. It really has been an odd few months actually, but hopefully life will settle down a bit now that some big choices have been made.
As for health, I seriously need to address my fitness. I’ve been dragging my feet in that department for way too long. Hubby is also feeling his own motivation ebbing as well. Perhaps this is because we are getting older and lazier. Perhaps it is because we have been sitting in front of our computers for way too long due to BDO being rather addictive. Whatever the case, we need to develop sustained habits for improve our health. I know of several blog followers that have also been working on their health of late and offer my support for their own efforts.
To the issue of study and education, I started feeling demoralized by study beginning early this year. Some of the MOOC offerings have been cringe-worthy as identity politics became an obvious part of the curriculum of courses that I had previously looked forward to studying. Courses should offer a compelling argument for a stance and allow an ongoing conversation rather than considering those that disagree to be evil or bad people. This is something that seems absent in a lot of campuses of late. There has been some understandable push-back as well, but when some of these same figures are pushing the same nonsense via legislation, it is more than a little depressing.

So, what big decisions have you guys made of late? Are any of you throwing your hand in for NaNoWriMo this year? Are any of you working towards some health and fitness goals? How about study? Are any of you hooked on any computer games? I look forward to reading your replies.


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