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TV Review: Something About 1 Percent Episode 1

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Episodes: episode 1/16 of English subbed KDrama series
Something About 1 Percent Online: AsianWiki
Genre: Romantic Comedy

I don’t watch a lot of foreign language shows due to annoyance at reading subtitles as I have so far been too lazy to become proficient at other languages. I came about the show that I am currently reviewing the first episode of by chance whilst doing a search for bishies and finding links to another popular Asian drama series Moon Lovers. I will be probably watching Moon Lovers and several Chinese and Korean shows now in my watchlist at MyDramaList sometime down the track, but I have decided to watch a story in a modern setting because it is a change of pace from the usual fantasy and urban fantasy stuff that I typically watch.

Something About 1 Percent is the story of Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin), a rich young businessman running a Hotel chain. He is highly driven man that tends to be a bit of a dick to the people around him to the point where most people do not like him. When a primary school teacher Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-Min) helps an unfamiliar old man near her school get medical attention, it sets events in motion that will affect them both. It turns out that the old man is the owner of a business conglomerate and Lee’s grandfather. When Lee is informed by his attorney and friend that his grandfather has changed his will, Lee makes a decision to investigate the young woman that will inherit the entire company if she gets married. He comes to an agreement that he will attempt to date the young woman for six months in order to humour the old man. The question is: What does our heroine have to say to the man that called her a gold-digger during one of their previous interactions?

As you might already be aware, I like romance. Some do it well and some do it badly though. In the case of SA1%, it is slightly corny but proves to be adorable. It doesn’t rely on sex either, something that western romance seem to employ on a regular basis even to the point where it might be appropriately considered soft porn. This focus upon character and dialogue really worked for me.
I like the casting, with Ha Seok-Jin and Jeon So-Min really working well as our budding couple. Joo Jin Mo did a great job as Lee Jae-In’s father, playing an old man that is hoping that his grandson can find some semblance of peace and joy in his life through finding a person that he can truly connect with. I think that most of us can identify with this.

In conclusion, I like the first episode enough to continue watching the show. It might not appeal to folks not interested in romances absent of strong sexual components though, so don’t bother if you are only looking for titullation.


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