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Anime Review: Kamisama Kiss

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Episodes: 13 (English dubbed version)
Kamisama Kiss Online: IMDB
Genre: Urban Fantasy (Eastern) + Romantic Comedy + Reverse Harem

I first become familiar with Kamisama Kiss through an English translation of the manga several years ago. I found it oddly charming, but never got to read it all for some reason. Finding the English dub of the anime adaption was a pleasant surprise and well worth the watch given my own tastes in manga and anime.

Kamisama Kiss is the story of a 17 year-old school student named Nanami, whose father’s gambling debts have led to her being evicted from her home after her dad did a runner. Whilst trying to figure out her next course of action, Nanami rescues a man from a yapping dog that has apparently bailed him up a tree. After explaining her situation, he indicates that she can have his home before promptly kissing her on the forehead. He quickly leaves before she wanders up the hill to check out the “new digs”, which turns out to be a run-down shrine, the former owner/God Mikage, transferring his ownership over to her with the forehead kiss. She is greeted by two servant spirits. The problem lies with Mikage’s former familiar Tomoe, a guy that is very hostile to a human taking over the shrine that he has taken care of for two decades after Mikage never returned from a trip into “town”.

The bulk of the storyline focuses around Nanami trying to prove herself to Tomoe who is constantly questioning her ability to do even the simplest task of a shrine God. There is also competition for Nanami’s affections from other non-human bishies. This creates an interesting challenge for Tomoe, who has to come to terms with the fact that he cares for Nanami in spite of declarations otherwise. Of course, given that he is the central part of the reverse harem, you know that no-one else has a chance with the sometimes-violent-but-sweet heroine.
Kissing is another important element in the show, allowing the sealing of contracts and sharing of spiritual energy. This gave plenty of opportunities for smooching scenes.. and moist panties. So… many… attractive… bishies…
Yokai (non-human, non-god spirits) also play a huge part in the storyline as several of the cast are Yokai themselves. Being that Yokai are not human, they don’t have necessarily have the same drives and goals as humans do because their biology and spiritual abilities don’t work in the same way. That being said, the take on Yokai also suggests that there are some drives that are inherent in all beings, such as the desire to connect with other people. Sometimes this involves wanting to smooch with pretty lights around you.
I found the show hilarious and cute, though I do have some minor annoyances. There are some scenes that irked me, usually involving verbal abuse of Nanami by Tomoe. Mean words are often just that, though in Tomoe’s case, he began as a bit of an ass. The two are both a work in progress though and thus works as a great example of a character-driven story. In spite of some of these annoyances, the series avoids becoming a soap opera like a certain other manga that I read last year. (aka the manga that shall not be named) It also avoids having issues over consent like that same manga that I read last year.


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