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TV Series Review: Silicon Valley Season 2

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Episodes: 10
Silicon Valley Online: IMDB
Genre: Comedy, Programming

Following their win TechCrunch at the end of the first season, Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) and his friends at Pied Piper go about the task of promoting their new company but are shell-shocked when Peter Gregory (Christopher Evan Welch) dies whilst on a hunting trip in Africa. Wooed by numerous potential backers, they also have to contend with the ongoing machinations of Gavin Belson (Matt Ross) at Hooli. Things get even more tricky when Belson starts a law suit stating that Richard created and developed the script on Hooli hardware.

This is a great follow-on to the previous season, allowing for character development and forcing the main characters at Pied Piper out of their comfort zones. The crew of neurotics have to contend with the ongoing process of cleaning up messes that are the result of their own social and mental disabilities. They will also need to deal with hiring new staff, negotiate room for working on the project, dealing with a crappy neighbour and sort out hardware problems. Nelson “Big Head” Baghetti (Josh Brenner) is dealing with a boon in lieu of Belson’s obsessive behaviour and attempts at manipulating perception of the masses. This creates its own share of hilarity as we Belson becoming increasingly irrational and reckless. We also learn more about his relationship with Peter Gregory.
This season was an excellent addition to the story as it offered different challenges for the members of Pied Piper. New players, such as their new financial advisor, forced them into situations where they needed to adapt and evolve. Even though some of the changes were minimal at times, it did teach Richard and the others the cut-throat nature of business. This has the notable affect of forcing them out of their comfort zones and to look for potential issues both inside and out of the growing organization. And this is what makes it a compelling addition to the ongoing and amusing story of Pied Piper.


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