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TV Series Review: Scream Queens

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Episodes: 26
Scream Queens Online: IMDB
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Camp

When Grace Gardner (Skyler Samuels) arrives at college, she is astonished when a new policy forces the prestigious sorority that her mother used to attend to allow membership to anyone that wishes to join. With new friend ZayDay Williams (Keke Palmer) and a host of other new recruits, the entire members of the sorority is rocked when a newcomer is murdered by way of a ride-on mower during one of the initiation rituals. So begins a rather amusing, campy parody about college serial killer thrillers.

I was somewhat unsure as to how the series would pan out going in, but I decided to give it a run based on the unusual premise. It turned out to be a gem, poking fun at a bunch of cliches. The plot and pacing were both solid as well, but the willingness for the cast to play out the silly scenario allowed the audience to enjoy the silliness and occasional talk of threesomes. It also didn’t hurt to have Jamie Lee Curtis as Cathy Munsch, a role that she knocked out of the park.


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