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TV Series Review: Battle Creek Season 1

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Battle Creek Online: IMDB
Genre: Police Comedy, Crime, Drama

Battle Creek tells the story of the small town of Battle Creek. The police are heavily underfunded, having to police with unreliable equipment and poor training. The story begins with a focus on Detective Russ Agnew (Dean Winters), a man that often has to use unconventional
methods for finding bad guys. He is placed in an odd predicament when FBI Agent Milt Chamberlain (Josh Duhamel) gets based in the same building. Milt, a talented and genuinely agreeable fellow, offers to help the local police with resources clearly lacking, but Russ is suspicious that how Milt is presenting himself might be an effort to hide something. Thus begins numerous cases where Russ also attempts to uncover Milt’s secrets, often bringing other members of his police station into the silliness. These attempts are often funny, but we get the distinct impression whenever he is alone that Milt has some issues that he is dealing with.

I really loved the banter between the skeptical and abrupt Russ and the professional and polite Milt. The casting for the two characters was spot on, with Duhamel and Winters knocking it out of the park. The supporting cast was also fantastic. Each character was unique but it didn’t feel artificially created to me. An example is Detective Niblet (Damon Herriman). Herriman is an Australian actor that has been in a few high rating shows in the past few years, which includes his portrayal of Dewey Crowe in the series Justified. Detective Niblet is a slight deviation from such roles where he usually plays a criminal, with the character being a thoughtful, if at times bumbling police detective. This character and characters such as Fontanelle White (Kal Penn) are products of a workplace where they often have to be creative in their policing because they don’t reliable equipment and decent training. In the case of Fontanelle, he wants guns to deal with violent criminals due to situations such as tasers not working properly. We also see many of the outcomes affected by office assistant Holly Dale (Aubrey Dollar), a non-police officer that is mutually attracted to Russ. She is highly perceptive and shows solid deductive reasoning that had a noticeable impact on several investigations throughout the first season. There are a few other regular characters in the show, but the series is focused on the odd friendship between Russ and Milt.

Battle Creek was a stealth classic. Due to this, many people such as myself, missed out on a genuinely funny, well-written show when it first went to air. The lack of promotion for the show has without a doubt affected its success negatively because a lot of folks missed out on Battle Creek. But I still hold out hope that there will be another season because it was an excellent show and I felt like there was a lot more story to tell about the characters.

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