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World of Keiko 03/30/2016

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The past few weeks have been somewhat intense between gaming and hubby’s attempts to get some work reviews in order. A few days ago, he had to deal with a helicopter crash, which was surreal. It was the first disaster since we arrived here. I won’t go into any detail about it, as some of the details are not public yet. And while a life is known to be lost in the accident, this tragedy is juxtaposed with the meeting of our house possum.
The possum in question comes down from the roof to the back steps, then climbs up onto the top of the rail that she (I am making a leap in calling Stripey female) seems to feel more comfortable using to reach ground level than by using the steps. She can scale the side of the house to get to the roof expertly, looking adorable as she does. She is a civilized possum, not making a racket like some possums that live in rooves do. She typically appears every two to three days just after dark. As I declared on twitter several weeks ago, this seems to answer the mystery regarding the critter that we saw a few times after we first moved here. We didn’t get a good look at the time, but we’ve certainly seen her a few times recently now that she’s now grown accustomed to a family with no large dog such as the husky that the former tenants used to keep here.

We’ve been attempting to deal with network issues of late. It appears that it is an issue with the Telstra-provided router, but they appear to not wish to replace the piece of hardware in spite of the issues we are currently having no longer being linked to issues with the satellite dish (now replaced) or modem. It is manageable but the service is sometimes inconsistent.
Hubby lost his Dell monitor three week ago. He was using the 68′ plasma TV while it took time for his Predator X34 to come in. It is weird looking at the ultra-wide screen, but I could find myself growing quite accustomed to one should I ever need a replacement for my Samsung. Yes, it is expensive, but it is something that should last at least 5 years. That being said, we will keep a spare monitor (my old Samsung) waiting in the wings for any unforeseen monitor meltdowns.

So, my anticipation that I would be lessening my computer gaming in lieu of learning was way off. Black Desert Online is highly addictive, and I find myself in the odd predicament where I wake up in the middle of the night to deal with upkeep for one of my characters, such as selling fish from AFK fishing to a trader. My highest level toon hit level 32 yesterday grinding cultists at the Bloody Monastery. It is really odd actually, as quests in-game don’t really offer character XP. They instead offer skill, profession and contribution XP. This leaves character level to grinding monsters and gained in small quantities from professions, such as catching fish or selling fish to a trader. (Yes, I like me some fishing!) Those accustomed to combos will really like the combat system, but the action combat combo system takes a bit of getting used to. Once I did get used to it, I highly doubt that I will ever return to World of Warcraft or a WoW clone. There is a level of strategy involved with certain aspects of the game, such as how to optimize where you use your contribution points.

We watched all of the second season of Daredevil over the past few days. It was neat seeing Electra and Punisher enter the universe. Electra had been mentioned in flashbacks during the first season, but Frank Castle was a pleasant surprise. He had been changed slightly, allowing the audience to see the character go from assassin to a character that we are more familiar with, the guy that puts the fear into the bad guys with his machinations and arsenal of weapons. We saw more of the character Stick, who is a bit of a bastard but he makes reasonable decisions when it comes to dealing with murderous ninjas and other bad guys. His world comes into conflict with that of his former student Matt Murdock, but we got the general impression based on Matt’s decisions towards the end that he is becoming less convinced with the no-kill policy. We also got to see the show tie more noticeably into the Jessica Jones series. And now we have casting sorted for Iron Fist, which seems to have pissed off a lot of folks that wanted the rich white guy in the comics to be cast as an Asian. It is the meeting of those two worlds that makes Iron Fist interesting in my personal opinion. There are also some really neat non-white characters in the Marvel Universe that will be getting some airtime without needing to change characters that are white in the universe. An example of this is Luke Cage and T’Chall. These guys are influential and kick series ass in their particular domains. In the case of Black Panther, he is ruler of his own kingdom (married to Storm no less) whilst also directly fighting global threats. Luke Cage is more regional, but is still important because of the habit of regional problems snowballing into a global threat. I am seriously looking forward to seeing more of Luke Cage based on what I saw in Jessica Jones. Heck, Netflix has done an awesome job so far with their own entries into the Marvel Universe. It is a pity that the same cannot be said for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a show that had so much potential but it seems that the writers prefer weak choices and plot holes over intelligent writing.
I got around to watching the currently subbed anime series Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash and like it. It is more of a slice of life story about some young people that wake up in a fantasy world with no recollection of the time before. They have to learn the ropes of the world, which requires them to take on a class and become adventurers. That means taking on jobs such as killing off marauding goblins. The characters try on their share of what appear to be new hats as they attempt to make a home in their new reality. There are various clues to suggest that they are likely in some sort of simulation with a mental block whenever they attempt to saw certain words reflective of a modern world, such as the internet. This leaves open lots of questions, some of which will be answered in the first season instead of being overlooked. It does have the feeling of a living and breathing world though and we get to learn more about the rules along with the party.
I hope to get back into Grimm and Lost Girl sometime soon, though it is likely that I will get back into Grimm sooner given that hubby seems to like the series. Hubby also likes the intelligent writing and good casting of the strategic economic drama Billions. There are still a few episodes left of the anime Noragami, a series that I find meaty and adorable to fit my particular preferences. I am one of the millions waiting on new episodes of the anime series “No Game, No Life”, Overlord and One Punch Man.


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