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Craft Tutorial: Simple Tablet Holder


Some of you are likely aware that I’ve been learning about craft and sewing of late. This has resulted in lots of brainstorming about designs for solving several annoying problems around our house, one of which was a cost effective and simple way to hold up my tablet when I am following a recipe. Given that tablets are becoming quite common these days, many of you will likely come across similar problems that can be addressed by having your own tablet holder.
My first design for a tablet holder was a little ugly, with grotesque angles also resulting in reduced stability and support of my tablet. However, the second design that I made yesterday seems to have addressed these problems. And best of all, it is made from an oddly sized cardboard box that I would have otherwise thrown out.  I haven’t got around to decorating my tablet holder yet because I am trying to decide how to pimp it out and also lacking some much needed craft supplies for the task. Tablet Holder 01 standing
Below are some instructions and a PDF of the template for making the current prototype that can comfortably hold my iPad 4 in either landscape or portrait direction. Feel free to alter the design to meet your particular needs, but remember that it will be holding a device that might produce a bit of heat, hence you should consider materials used to make and/or decorate your own tablet holder.

Tablet Holder 04 iPad LandscapeTablet Holder 03 Portrait ipad


You’ll need:

  • 20cm x 25cm Cardboard, thick
  • Scissors, sturdy and/or Stanley knife + cutting board
  • Tablet holder templates (created using the CamScanner app on my Windows phone)

Chose a piece of cardboard. Print out your template. Using the applicable template, cut out your cardboard tablet holder. Trim uneven bits.

If you are using the mirrored version on a flat piece of cardboard, you will note the immediate need to bend it in the middle which I forgot to make on the design itself. Bending cardboard poses its own challenges as there are different types of cardboard that often require specific strategies. Pre-bent cardboard might save on the need to bend the cardboard, but it might also have some wear and tear from previous use and might result in some uneven sections on the underside which should be noted in the mirrored template that I made by drawing around my current design. If you do use a bending method, consider that there might also be some unforeseen problems such as overbending, hence you might find incremental rails useful or wish to place masking tape along the crease for added support. The following video on bending cardboard will explain the ins and outs of bending cardboard based of the specific traits of the cardstock used:


The current design will likely be suitable for use with hard plastic and wood as well, with hinges as an option if the budding crafter wants to fork out some extra money for it. Regardless, you will likely feel inclined to decorate the end product and even further modify the design to fit your particular needs, which might include intricate designs (such as as gaming, anime and other pop culture staples. which includes Game of Thrones banners) cut into or printed on the side. (Note that this also opens up ideas such as small stained glass style design which could be made by cutting the design into two layers and placing a translucent design out of something like celophane in the middle.) I’d also recommend using sealant if you go the cardboard route as liquids tend to make short work of paper products.
If you do end up making use of the design in any regard, feel free to post about it in the comments section. Post pictures or your tablet holder in use or being knocked over by your kitteh – go mad! If you want some further clarification on the project, feel free to ask away and I will attempt to answer to the best of my ability.


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2 thoughts on “Craft Tutorial: Simple Tablet Holder

  1. Defo have to give this a shot

    • I’d love to see what you end up creating using the base that I’ve mentioned in the post. And if you come up with your own projects, I’ve love to read your tutorials. BTW, I love the recipes that you have posted so far on your blog. ::thumbs up::

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