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World of Keiko 09/01/2015


We are now settling in to our new home. We drove to the new place last Tuesday after sleeping on the floor of our previous home the night before. Tuesday morning was made a little sketchy when hubby noticed that the bit of metal that held our exhaust to the back of the Corvette had decided to divorce the frame. So, hubby ended up buying some wire from Bunnings in Hervey Bay and got me to hold up the now called exhaust into place while he tied it to some convenient parts of the frame. It is temporary, obviously, but it held up quite well for our seven and a half hour drive. Note that the state government is also having lots of work done on the Bruce Highway. We can see the road from our place, which mainly consists of large trucks.
We arrived to a home that we’d been lucky to see the side of in a photo of another place. Nice enclosed verandas, but some odd choices for the two bedrooms. The area under the place is low, which means the we can park the Corvette there but not the Jimny. Given that the Jimny will arrive on a truck in a couple of days, we will have to leave some of our shopping until after. This will hopefully include a trip to one of the three Bunnings in Mackay. Yes, I do like Bunnings. For folks in the USA, Bunnings is quite similar to Home Depot. We don’t live too far from a nice beach. We can see the mountains from our back steps, and there is a quaint river with abundant bird life running directly behind our house. Hubby informed me yesterday from crocodiles have been seen along the stretch over the years, but I am not going to poke around what is a steep hill in order to catch a glimpse at a rather neat looking reptile that I can more easily watch videos of on Youtube.
We drove to Mackay on Friday to get an idea of what the place is like and went for our pre-planned lunch at Sizzler. Nice place, though the trip was a little warm. Sure glad that we were thoughtful enough to put on sunscreen before the drive there with the top down. Mackay turns out to be bigger than Hervey Bay, with better shops as well. The problem is the drive, which is around 75 minutes.
Nearby shopping consists of a nice Woolworths in Sarina, with some decent fast food places, a Reject Shop and a Target Country nearby. We drove there the first night for supplies and grabbed some food from Subway on the way out. There are some small communities in between, but these predominantly consist of corner stores, one pub and some sort of mechanic workshop. The two latter are to cover the local cane and cattle farmers.

I went for my first walk yesterday, a blistering-inducing 9.2km. A large portion of the walk to the beach was beside cane fields in various stages of harvest. Not as picturesque as in Hervey Bay, but not terrible given that sweet smell. I also made the acquaintance of numerous birds along the way, including a couple of (what I believe to be) Blue Cranes that were hunting in a recently harvested cane field. Those suckers were nearly as big as me, with intimidating wingspans.

How is the internet here? It is quicker than back in Hervey Bay, though we’ve had a few hiccups since arriving last Tuesday, since as an outage today and some bandwidth issues on Tuesday night. We’ve also had at least one blackout as well, likely something that the electricity company has been attempting to address during recent maintenance sessions.
In lieu of the internet situation, hubby and I are sorted as far as gaming is concerned. I am looking forward to getting stuck in to writing and study after we are a bit more settled.


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3 thoughts on “World of Keiko 09/01/2015

  1. You’re living in a nice part of Queensland Keiko.

    • I’ve noticed some other stuff in the past week on top of the various things mentioned in the post, mostly related to local avian life in the area.
      There are some birds that frequent the stretch of river below our house, which includes some ducks (domestic and non-domestic breeds), storks, water hens. We have some Kookaburras that sit on some trees nearby that are pleasantly vocal of a morning and just on dusk. A swarm of finches like to feed on our lawn at certain times of the day.
      I’ve also looked under and at the back pf some of the small buildings on the property and gathered up some items for the future garden, which includes some pots and some name pegs. Some of the items will be chucked, though I will have to evaluate whether the old tires with be aesthetically pleasing around some of the plants that I have considered plantings. One of the plants considered is a low-maintenance Lily-Pilly. I’d also like to plant in some larger Basil varieties, but this is dependent upon the folks that we are renting off of. There is an ancient Hibiscus here that is in need of treatment for some fungal growth affecting the branches. As for the citrus trees on the station property, one is a stick and the remaining two are in relatively good health to the point at which the Mandarin has recently produced high quality fruit. I will need to deal with the weeds and grass growing up under the citrus, as well as set out a fertilizer schedule.
      Sometime in the past, one of the previous tenants placed a couple of feed trays on the area behind our yard and that of the attached small paddock. I actually plan to clean up those areas as there is long grass obstructing the feed containers and start using them for feeding the birds. I am considering what to do about some crappy banana suckers that one of the previous tenants pilfered from some banana trees out back. The mother plants and the babies are complete rubbish, with the young plants not being viable for fruit production due to poor choice and being removed way too early. It did at least result in me doing some research into how to care for them, but the research made me feel a little depressed. Bananas are a pain to take care of, with lots of different pests, diseases, care requirements such as requiring a sizable amount of water compared to other plants.
      Some work is obviously involved in some of these plans, and we will need to determine how much of a budget there is for the various gardening tasks and projects.

      • Well keikomushi you certainly have your work cut out. Sounds like there’re some interesting projects to be sorted. It’s always good to have bird life around the place, especially Kookaburras. You could make low cost planters out of the tyres to put the basil in. There’s nothing like having a broad, new canvas to work with. A lot of sweat, some blisters and heaps of satisfaction at the end of the day. If the banana plant is a Cavendish then get rid of it fast. You can get into all sorts of strife growing them. If it’s a lady finger then you’re okay. Cut it back to the ground and let it grow again. Or plant it near water, ie the river or any other wet spot on the place. I’ve lady finger plants absolutely go berserk planted downhill from a septic tank, or waste water outlet. As for the projects, you should be able to source mulch and manure for next to nothing. Sugar cane mulch is great stuff and there’s bound to be someone running stock locally who are anxious to get rid of manure. I wish you all the best in your new abode and looking forward to some pictures of the place.

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