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World of Keiko 08/22/2015


It has been a little over a month since my last update and things have progressed. We’ll be moving into our new place next Monday and should be settling in by this time next week. Moving is a pain in the butt, but the move will be a step in a position direction. Both trucks arrive Monday, with the main stuff arriving on Wednesday and the Jimny being delivered on the 3rd of September. It is a little annoying, but we at least have the Corvette and potentially hubby’s work car.
For those interested, our internet service is point-to-point wireless via the NBN. It is supposed to be quick, but we’ll have to wait and see how reliable it is when we arrive in the new place. Regardless, one would think that it will be better than the crappy DSL connection that we have in Hervey Bay. The infrastructure in the Bay is highly taxed and is not likely to be upgraded anytime soon.

I formatted and reinstalled Windows a few weeks ago. My machine is running nicely, and I am trying to avoid habits that led to the computer getting to such a poor state in the first place. I don’t want to fall into bad habits again. That being said, it is not feasible to be guarded all of the time. I suppose that we will have to see how we go.
As for Windows 10, hubby and I will be upgrading after we’ve settled into the new place. It looks sweet, though I still have a few questions about what will happen should I need to reinstall my OS again after the 12 months are up. On a good note, Microsoft has created some courses over at MVA to make the transition easier.

As far as things that I’ve learnt are concerned, I highly recommend folks also assaulting one’s social networking contacts with great prejudice in order to free up time for meaningful discussions and creative endeavors rather than be bombarded with nonsense and sales pitches. Also note that just because you have unfollowed somebody on twitter, you may still have somebody’s feed integrated with lists, hence I would recommend dealing with and keeping your lists neat and tidy. Also, it is not a bad thing to be discerning about which sites that you visit as seemingly mundane sites may expose your computer to security breaches.

I haven’t spent much time playing computer games of late, but I have reinstalled and played Diablo III multiplayer. Hubby and I made seasonal characters for season 3, playing enough content to get a pennant. Season 4 starts in a little over a week and we’ve both decided to work through all of the achievements necessary to get all of the season 4 bling, such as the pet. Yes, I like pets.It looks like hubby might give Heroes of the Storm a run as well, something that I am stoked about.
I have been sure to install a bunch of offline steam games in preparation for potential internet issues in the new place. This includes several JRPGs that I’ve been meaning to play through for a while now, as well as some point+click and visual novels. Not much graphically, but these games at least offer a bit in the way of storyline and character development.

To the question of study, I will see how I feel after the move. I am currently inclined to do self-paced courses rather than those restricted by intake. One of those courses is on canine cognition, something that is rather fascinating to me.

Anyway, I have to start our last pen and paper RPG session (Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition) in the house in a tick. I may just get to play my Aarakocra Monk secondary character.


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2 thoughts on “World of Keiko 08/22/2015

  1. Is the Windows 10 upgrade only a trial?! I must’ve missed that! I thought this was free for life.

    Also, glad to hear you and the hubby’s move has gone well. 🙂

    • I was somewhat unsure of how authentication works with Windows 10. Is my Windows 10 upgrade associated with the serial key of my copy of Windows 7? From what I’ve read, the code of Windows 10 is not the same as the code for the OS that a person upgraded from. One would hope that the two become associated on the Microsoft servers, but it is still unclear. The current thinking is that it might still be linked to a specific hard drive as with OEM editions that are sold with computers, but the info is still somewhat vague. In any case, I intend to download an image file of Windows 10 for future use.

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