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Pimp a Patreon: Godless in Dixie

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Neil Carter Online: Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, Patheos

In this second installment of Pimp a Patreon, we are taking a look at Neil Carter’s Godless in Dixie patreon. As some of you are already aware, I am an atheist. Though I won’t be focusing much on this aspect of my life in this blog, I feel that it is important for atheists living in fundamentalist religious areas to get the support that they need. Whilst Neil’s patheos blog posts do a great job of offering some insight into the life of an Atheist living in Mississippi, there is still some ways in which he’d like to contribute further. I highly recommend that folks check out the Patreon and his other manifestations online to see if you’d like to contribute to the cause. Even if you don’t end up offering financial support, you’ll likely find his blog posts to be thought-provoking and relevant.


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