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Changes to Social Networking

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A few days ago, I made a major decision about how I use social networking. It was a difficult decision, but a decision that I’ve been considering for several months. This requires me to unfriend and unfollow a bunch of people in order to free up time for personal projects. It is in no way about angst or some crazy political agenda. It is not about my atheism either. It really is about making better use of my time.

I will not be unfollowing family and folks that I have actually met. I will primarily stick with only a few writers, podcasters, musicians, artists and educators that I have regular contact with. I will not be continuing contact with folks that post nonsense, hate and hypocrisy because that is exhausting. I am tired of seeing material that can easily be debunked, of which I have noted some repeat offenders in recent months. I really can make better use of my time and I doubt that the folks that are affected want to see my lengthy posts anyway. This obviously includes pages for journalistic websites and blogs. As for religious stuff, I doubt that there will be any major issue given that most of my theist friends don’t post the sort of rubbish that that I am referring to.

I feel a little guilty about this change but it can be a real pain going through lengthy feeds. I have made a start on Facebook but will hopefully start work on twitter contacts soon. It will take a bit of time to make a lot more time for myself in the long-term. I am looking to have at least a first draft of a fantasy novel finished by the end of the year.


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