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Introducing Herb Q Kendrick

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Name: Herb Q Kendrick
Herb Online: Right Moods, Right Moods @Twitter, Right Moods @FacebookHerb Q @Youtube 

 I first become acquainted with Herb Q Kendrick on Facebook several years ago, back when he was living in Tokyo. At the time, he was performing comedy and music at various clubs, and also taught English to Japanese students. He produced a couple of podcasts on the side, one of which discussed Japanese snacks. He did voice work that included Romanov Higa ‘s CATBLUE: Dynamite [clip] [summary] and some voice acting for the English version of Kenta Fukasaku’s Battle Royale 2 Director’s Cut. I would find out later that he was also a fiction writer and more recently decided to focus on drawing. Whether he is working on an oil rig, chef, singing, writing or drawing, Herb is a highly motivated, talented dude.

Herb Q rocking a Marvel t-shirt

Herb Q rocking a Marvel t-shirt

Herb’s new project is Right Moods, a website that is home to his limited edition digital artworks. The work ranges in style from scenes inspired by the various cultures of Africa to the other side of the world in Japan. You’ll also find some other works that don’t fit into either but you’ll note that rich use of reds and blues throughout his entire catalogue. I seriously recommend that you guys check out the website and consider purchasing a piece.

I also recommend folks check out Herb’s Youtube channel. Soon after returning to the USA, he reunited with some musicians that he played with before he moved to Tokyo. Fatjoy band is a group from Greensboro, NC that performs covers of funk, R&B and soul. You’ll find a bunch of their performances posted on the channel along with some other material on the channel.


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