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World of Keiko 07/05/2015

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Its been a few weeks since my last post. Stuff has progressed since the last update, but I will wait until hubby and I have told our families some stuff before letting you guys in on those details. Suffice to say, it is good news.

I have been playing some Marvel Heroes, but I was distracted waiting to hear back about hubby’s job applications. In spite of this, I have managed to get all but 5 of my toons over level 30. I still need to get Black Panther, Gambit, Jean Grey, Spider-Man and Storm to the point where they give at least one synergy. As for collecting heroes, I still have a large grouping of characters that I still haven’t unlocked.

I also removed all intake-based enrollments in order to make time for writing and editing. Assignment deadlines were becoming more unmanageable over time. Study was always meant to help with other aspects of my life but it began to take over. Given that my first love is storytelling, I needed to make writing a priority again.

I am back to walking the 7.5 km circuit. It is still early day and I am not confident enough with the strength of my ankle to do running. It doesn’t help having those extra pounds either, but I will get there. I just need to develop that habit because sporadic bursts of exercises do not allow for consistent improvement.


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