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World of Keiko 05/07/2015

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I have been somewhat quiet of late. I have attempted to draft several updates to let folks know what I’ve been up to, but this resulted in moments spent staring blankly at the post editor. Has this been due to lack of confidence on my part as to what readers might find relevant and/or interesting? Of course it has. I suppose that each creative has moments throughout their life where they wonder what they are offering the world. That feeling is often something not grounded in reality in any shape or degree. We can be busy creating things, studying and whatnot, yet still be wracked by a sense that we may not have something to offer.
So, what can we do about it. Sometimes the solution is to keep talking to other people, trying to assist where we can. The answer may not be blogging about something but actually interacting with others. In writing, this is referred to as “show, don’t tell.” It also helps nurture those relationships with others. What do you do to deal with a lack of confidence?

I have been busy leveling characters on Rift. Its been a fun time, but I’ve taken time away from the grind to recharge. I’ve played some Infinite Crisis, Triad Wars, Trove, Marvel Heroes, Sweezy Gunner, One Finger Death Punch and Penguin’s Arena: Sedna’s World. I am currently downloading the steam release of the action-MMORPG TERA that went live a few days ago after its December 12 release was postponed for various reasons. Still no luck in downloading the beta of Otherland, but it looks rather promising as well.
*Infinite Crisis is a MOBA set in the crisis timeline of the DC Comics universe. The tutorial offers a few free heroes, such as Gaslight Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. There are also some incentives for daily log-ins, such as Joker for day 7. I doubt that it will knock DOTA2, League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm from the map, but it does have a sizable and active community of players so far for a solid game with plenty of shinies. Note that ranked play was released over the past few days.
*Triad Wars is a f2p MMO using some of the content from Sleeping Dogs. It is currently in beta, but it does offer a lot of neat little features based on what I’ve played so far. Think martial arts crime RPG in the vein of GTA. You can pick from one of about 3 groups so far, though your character customization is quite limited. I don’t see myself playing the game too often as the multiplayer options are also quite limited at present, but it does have a lot of potential.
*Marvel Heroes is the go-to of hubby and I. The game is a f2p action-MMO created by some of the team involved in the Diablo franchise, but set in the Marvel universe. There is a story and lots of extra content, but I find myself cackling with glee as you take down hordes of Moloids or Frost Giants as Ms Marvel or Rocket Raccoon. You can unlock a bunch of content such as heroes during gameplay, but STASH space is pretty much limited to purchases using premium currency. Another plus is the gratification from destroying various parts of the environment. Michael Bay – ‘splosions!!!
*Sweezy Gunner is a neat little indie bullet hell game where you play a Sweezy tank driver sent to look around a planet infested with bugs, sentient CDs and other oddities bent on murdering you. The graphics are lo-fi but that added a certain charm. The game is pretty solid and highly addictive.
*One Finger Death Punch is a fast-paced indie fighting game. You play a stickman warrior, where direction keys struck at specific times allow the character to perform certain moves, such as picking up weapons, blocking and striking foes. It is lots of fun and surprisingly addictive.
*Penguin’s Arena: Sedna’s World is supposed to be a kid game. However, there is something so satisfying about hitting opposition penguins in the face with snowball. It is also a means to feed starving killer whales patrolling around fighting platforms. It is an older game, but the gameplay and graphics still manage to hold up well.

I’ve lessened my courseload in recent months, but has still managed to complete a few courses:

  • Forests and Livelihoods in Developing Countries by UBC at EdX ****
  • Introduction to Environmental Science by Dartmouth University at EdX ****
  • Jazz Appreciation by UTAustin at EdX ****
  • Objects the Define America by Smithsonian Institute at EdX ***
  • In the Night Sky: Orion by The Open University at FutureLearn ****
  • Elements of Renewable Energy by The Open University at FutureLearn ****
  • Shale Gas and Fracking by The University of Nottingham at FutureLearn ***

I am currently studying the following courses:

  • Making Sense of Climate Denial by UQ at EdX (week 2/7)
  • Think. Code. Create. by University of Adelaide at EdX (week 1/6)
  • The Rise of Superheroes and their Impact on Pop Culture by Smithsonian Institute at EdX (week 1/5)
  • Introduction to Human Evolution by Wesley University at EdX (week 1/12)
  • Magic in the Middle Ages by University of Barcelona at Coursera (week 1/6)
  • Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching by Lancaster University at FutureLearn  (week 3/4)
  • Understanding Language by University of Southampton at FutureLearn  (week 3/4)
  • Lips and Teeth by Yonsei University at FutureLearn  (week 2/6)

On a good note, I am nearly finished all of my coursework for the week – yay! *runs about like muppet*

What have you been studying of late? It doesn’t have to be a course either. It can be something as simple as watching short topical videos or tutorials.

Somebody in our household brought home a strain of the flu about a month ago. I am still having to deal with the “mucous monster”, which is a pain in the butt when you want to go for a long walk but can’t walk short distances without large amounts of coughing from clogged breathing passages. It seems that at least one of my friends in the USA had something similar a month or so ago but has since sent the flu packing. I just wish that I was well enough to spend some time outside, but I suppose that this gives me time to study, read and catch up on anime.

I haven’t read anything in months, but I have finally managed to work out how to add iTunes podcasts to my Lumia 930 windows phone. This will allow me to listen to audiobooks and podcasts when I am finally well enough to go walking and running again. I will need to get headphones that fit the headphone jack first though as my iphones headset doesn’t fit properly.


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