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Awesome Sauce: Project Binky


In the first of hopefully a series of future blog posts, I would like to share neat Youtube series entitled “Project Binky”. I found it on account of a recommendation by my husband, a fellow that enjoys his share of car shows with a special focus on the technical side of things. It is, in my opinion, a great example of high quality content available via Youtube.
Project Binky is a series produced by Bad Obsession Motorsport, a channel about racing and cars. The series is a look at the technical side of a car rebuild, specifically a “rotten old Austin Mini”. The two chaps do an amazing job of making a rather funny yet educational show which explains various aspects of the build and solutions for the various problems that the duo come across. it shows some rather impressive fabrication of various metal components, decision-making process for non-factory parts, mechanics and auto-electrics. I have learned a lot so far, including some techniques for welding and prototyping. All of this is delivered via low-key yet hilarious comedic dialogue that is clearly inspired by Monty Python and Police Squad/Naked Gun. It is the perfect marriage of learning and humor.

I highly recommend this series to anyone interested in the technical side of car rebuilds whether they are a writer, a hobbyist or anyone with a general interest in cars. You can also find Bad Obsession Motorsport via twitterFacebook and Google+.


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2 thoughts on “Awesome Sauce: Project Binky

  1. Thanks for your kind words Keiko, really glad you’re enjoying the project!

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