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Course Review: Crafting an Effective Writer

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Provider: MSJC at Coursera [course page]
Lecturer: Lawrence Barkley, Ted Blake and Lorrie Ross
Subject: Communication / English + Writing
Delivery: intake-based asynchronous study
Recommended Load: 4-5 hrs/week over 6 weeks
Completion Date: 21/10/2014

Mt. San Jacinto College

Mt. San Jacinto College (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Description: This course goes over the basics of English, covering grammar, sentence structure and the various categories of words in the English language.

Strengths: This course is a great refresher in English, going over the stuff that we often forget after leaving educational institutions due to lack of practice. It was also my second attempt at the course, having had a failed start in an earlier intake. This time around, I completed and passed the course. I was gratifying for me and I found myself smiling in appreciation at things relearned. I suppose that my own experiences in high school English were different from others though. I enjoyed it because it laid the foundation for learning and interacting with other people.
As mentioned above, the course goes over the basics of English. The teachers and teaching staff were thoughtful but were careful not to treat students as idiots. This approach made the material accessible and avoided breaks in the flow of delivery. The assessment and quizzes appropriately evaluated student learning, and I found myself going over the lecture videos and notes in order to correct errors in logic and perception. I was pleasantly surprised, and discovered that several areas that I have had issues with for years being addressed by this humble course.

Weaknesses: It involves the basics of communication, which some folks may find unappealing.

Conclusion: I really enjoyed this course. I was a bit worried several times throughout though, as some personal stuff creating a slight obstacle for finishing assessment by the deadlines listed, but I am glad that I stuck with it. The high quality of this introductory course bodes well for the rest of MSJC’s offerings, though I doubt they will offer any more courses on Coursera for a while apart from the regular intakes of this MOOC. This course will be of great assistance that are looking for a refresher in English, had difficulty with English in school, or for folks new to the written English language.


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