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Course Review: Literature of the English Country House

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Provider: The University of Sheffield @FutureLearn [course page]
Lecturers: Jim and Susan Fitzmaurice + others
Subject: Humanities
Delivery: Intake-based asynchronous study 
Recommended Load: 3 hrs/week over 8 weeks 
Completion Date: 07/27/2014

Belton House

Belton House (Photo credit: ** Lucky Cavey **)

Description: The discusses the role that the English country house played upon English writing (fiction, non-fiction and poetry) from the 15th century onwards. #FLHouseLit 

Strengths: The team discusses the role of environment in the structure and descriptions used by English writers. We also learn a bit about the history and culture of the city and country. This is all shown using excerpts from poetry, fiction and non-fiction work from the period. This is offered further context by the weekly videos being filmed in a related country house. The discussions were lively and the teaching staff were active on both the forums and social media.

Weaknesses: I am currently being haunted by some English duke that passed on during the 16th century. #migrantghosts

Conclusion: During this course, I was reintroduced to some of the written works studied in high school English. It was quite a neat journey, made even more interesting by the new material that I was exposed to as well as the settings used for the videos. The team successfully placed the material into context; and I found myself gaining real insight into the time periods mentioned. Last but not least is the gaining of an appreciation for the literature and further interest in reading and revisiting the texts mentioned.
I highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in literature, writing and history. Even if you don’t immediately meet those criteria, I suggest that you check out future intakes to see if it inspires you to look into the material.


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