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Course Review: Good Brain, Bad Brain (Basics)

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Provider: University of Buckingham @FutureLearn [course page]
Lecturers: Alison Cooper
Subject: Medicine / Neuroscience
Delivery: Intake-based asynchronous study 
Recommended Load: 3 hrs/week over 3 weeks 
Completion Date: 07/10/2014

Description: In this first of a trilogy of mini-courses on the workings of the brain, Alison Cooper offers a short introduction of how the brain processes information, and also uses several case studies to show how changes in its physiology can affect physical, social and psychological behaviour.

Strengths: Alison Cooper explains the physiology of the brain and how we process information. By laying this foundation, we can see how changes to the physiology of the brain can change human behaviour in fundamental ways, both good and bad. It is this feedback loop between our actions and reactions to what we perceive can effect our survival as well as the survival of those around us. A lot of information is also covered in the short span of this MOOC, the fast pace avoiding getting bogged down in one subject for any length of time yet also managing to cover enough to offer context.

Weaknesses: Don’t drive while drunk!

Conclusion: I found this course to be a great refresher for the physiology of the brain. I recommend the MOOC to folks with an interest in how we relate to the world around us and/or human anatomy. If that is of interest, then folks should also consider signing up for The Addicted Brain at Coursera and Introduction to Psychology at Open2Study. There is also the other instalments in the Good Brain, Bad Brain series as well as some other brain-related MOOCs at FutureLearn.

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