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World of Keiko 06/14/2014

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Its been a couple of weeks since my last post. I finished two online courses and an audiobook, started a few more courses, had to reorganize my schedule in light of hubby taking a few weeks off ahead of a possible extended stay at the academy. I’ve learned a lot over the last few months and made some decisions regarding how I want to spend my time. I also got hubby to watch Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion which I guessed (and was correct) that he would enjoy. I’ve also been keeping with Abner Senires’ cyberpunk webserial Kat And Mouse. If you haven’t read it before, visit the website to see if you enjoy the writing style. There isn’t much to say on the writing front, other than some ideas are beginning to solidify.

We also purchased a copy of the WildStar MMORPG after a friend gave us guest passes. We like the game because it is visually spectacular and manages to avoid taking itself too seriously. There are two sides: Exiles and the Dominion. The Dominion are the bad guys, whilst the Exiles are the underdogs.
The Exiles consists of Humans, Granok, Aurin & Modesh. Humans are scruffy renegades; Granoks are big rock people; Aurin are nature-loving big-eared and tailed cutesy folk; and the Mordesh are “space zombies” looking for a cure for a disease caused by their interest in alchemy. The Dominion consists of the Cassian, Mechari, Draken & Chua. Cassians are human-like in appearance with an ego and superiority complex related to apparently being chosen by an ancient race to establish an empire; the Mechari are sentient robots created by the same ancient race and are known for their lack of a sense of humour; the Draken are uncouth clawed savages & Chua are psychotic but brilliant inventors that resemble Furry Mice.
There are five classes: Warrior, Spellslinger, Esper, Engineer, Medic. The Warrior is a melee DPS or tank as need dictates. Spellslingers are gun-toting fighters that use Arcane Sorcery to burn down their foes. [played an Aurin Spellslinger and absolutely loved it!] Espers use Psionic illusions and weaponry to take out their foes. Engineers are currently the only pet class and do it in style! Medics can use ranged and AoE heals and DPS depending on the context of the target. Last but not least is the Stalker… who I didn’t mention earlier because they are sneaky and stabby melee DPS.
Other than class, challenges and storyline, chosen path can also affect quests available in certain areas. Chosen Path can also affect some other abilities the character has, which can also have a noticeable affect on the environment. For example, Settlers can collect parts that can be used to build augmentation devices that last for an extended period of time and can be used by their folks in their faction. There are four Paths: Explorer, Soldier, Settler & Scientist. So far I’ve only played a Settler and Scientist and like what I’ve seen.
The game features a player housing system that looks pretty cool from what I’ve read about it so far. I haven’t dealt with player housing so far, but have reached a point where trade skills is now available for one of my characters. Not too shabby! There is also a PvP and battleground system but I haven’t dealt with those either, only know that they exist.
Anyhoo, love the Pixar-style artwork and the campy humour. The game is so damned cute and funny! The game system and features looks pretty solid so far. I will let you guys know when I have some 7-day guest passes available.

I’ve also started wearing a weighted vest during my walks, but really look forward to getting a new pair of running shoes given the excessive uneven wear of my current pair. It will be another few weeks before the sales start, hence I am doing walks and hill climbs for now. I really enjoy getting out of the house, with the weight vest seems to be helping with weight loss and improvement in fitness, but some good shoes will also make it possible to start running again without unnecessary stress to my joints and ankle.

As mentioned earlier, I completed some courses and also started several since last update. Its felt rather odd having hubby on holidays, and I have to make some allowances to spend quality time with him while I still have the chance. This means a drop in my non-enrollment based studies, but I am good with that. Anyway, below is a list of the courses that I am currently enrolled in:

  • Child Nutrition and Cooking by Stanford at Coursera (self-paced asynchronous study, with 3 of 5 units completed)
  • The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Nubia by Emory University at Coursera (7th week completed of 8 week course)
  • History of Rock, Part 1 by University of Rochester at Coursera (5th week completed of 7 week course)
  • EDIVET: Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Veterinarian by The University of Edinburgh at Coursera (in 4th of 5 week course)
  • Introduction to Ecosystems by The Open University at FutureLearn (in 4th of 6 week course)
  • Archaeology of Portus by University of Southampton at FutureLearn (4th week completed of 6 week course)
  • Forensic Psychology by The Open University at FutureLearn (1st week completed of 8 week course)
  • Start Writing Fiction by The Open University at FutureLearn (in 7th of 8 week course)
  • Literature of the English Country House by University of Sheffield at FutureLearn (2nd week completed of 8 week course)
  • Obesity by University of Reading at FutureLearn (1st week completed of 4 week course)
  • SW12X: China by Harvard at EdX (in 3rd week of 6 week self-paced course)
  • USW30X: Tangible Things by Harvard at EdX (in 3rd week of 5 week course)

In the next day or so the Deciphering Secrets: Unlocking the Manuscripts of Medieval Spain MOOC on offer by University of Colorado System will start over at Coursera. I don’t know how it will go, but I am willing to check it out during the first week to see if it is going to be worth my time. Some other courses will begin in the next week as well, tying in well with the completion of other courses at FutureLearn and Coursera.
As expected, the joint study of Archaeology of Portus and The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Nubia is beginning to show noticeable connections, with the mention of Roman exotic good and styling beginning to become popular in the last week of study. It is also around the same time as when Portus was founded, and when there was a lot of trade between various large hubs such as Alexandria.
I am really enjoying my studies at present and look forward to learning new things. Learning new things also has this tendency to help make connections where otherwise you would not. It can offer clarity and insight so long as you don’t allow yourself to be swayed by emotion or sentiment, or even by preconceived notions of what the truth may be. Make connections based on the information available, then be able to change your stance as evidence dictates. Be willing to learn and be willing to share information as a means to open up discussion.


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