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World of Keiko 04/30/2014

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I have been at work studying and am back to exercising again. Its been a hard slog in both departments, though I have managed to finish a couple of online courses since my previous update. Sadly, I still have a little bit more work on strengthening my ankle but I did manage to do a few genuine runs this week (yay!) and a sixteen kilometer walk two days ago. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t tuckered out and sore all over after each of these, but in a good way.
The first of these completed courses, Introduction to Philosophy, was a great tie-in for some of the study on Psychology that I’ve done in the last twelve months. It was quite enlightening and offered a lot of value due to the amount of material covered in those seven weeks. You can find the review here. I will need to draft the review for the recently completed FutureLearn MOOC Discover Dentistry in the next week or so, but have to catch up on some coursework due to numerous distractions. I am currently studying the following courses:

  • Moons (5 weeks in) by OpenUniversity at FutureLearn
  • Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy (just started) by LMU at Coursera
  • Think101X: The Science of Everyday Thinking (7 weeks in) by UQ at EdX
  • CS50X: Introduction to Programming by Harvard at EdX (haven’t made much progress due to other interests)
  • Start Writing Fiction by OpenUniveristy at FutureLearn

I am taking a slightly different approach with some of the courses, watching the videos for the purpose of merging material from similar courses I am studying. However, I have to be careful not to enroll in too many courses at once because I want to have enough time to deal with writing, exercising and quality time with loved ones. I also have the added possibility of a major life change due to hubby applying for a couple of positions that are fair removed from our current circumstance. I won’t go into any details now, but suffice it to say that things will change dramatically for both of us should he get either.

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