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Course Review: Introduction to Philosophy



David Hume's statements on ethics foreshadowed...

David Hume’s statements on ethics foreshadowed those of 20th century emotivists. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Provider: University of Edinburgh at Coursera [course page]
Lecturer: Various (one per week)
Subject: Humanities / Philosophy
Delivery: Intake-based asynchronous study 
Recommended Load: 1-2 hours / week for 7 weeks 
Completion Date: 03/17/2014

Description: Seven lecturers teach us some of the history of philosophy, as well as discuss the various considerations of philosophers. It shows how relevant philosophical thought is in dealing with some of the more important issues, such as ethics and how to think scientifically.

Strengths: A different lecturer provides lectures for each week. I found this variety of topics showcased the various areas that philosophers deal with. We also get a glimpse of some more obscure philosophical specializations, such as time travel as discussed by Dr. Alasdair Richmond in the final week. The shorter topical videos help break up the topics into manageable lengths for ease of watching and note-taking. The in-video questions helped me evaluate my own understanding of the material in a timely manner.
Weaknesses: None!

Conclusion: The course gives students some insight into what philosophers do and at the same time gives some excellent tools for everyday life. The variety of the material shows just how much value an understanding of some basic philosophical tools can have in dealing with everyday problems as well. All in all, I highly recommend this course for anyone that would like to understand how human beings have approached problem-solving has changed over the centuries, as well as how they might improve the way in which they look at problems themselves.


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